Fairytaled Fight Club


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This isn’t a spin off or a season two of Fairytaled. This is the fighting program the students have joined. I made it a seperate roleplay so everything is (hopefully) easier, and more organized.

Anyways, here is the announcement post:

Fight Club

Fight Club has started, ladies and gentlemen of Once Upon a High! Determine which weapon you would like to use, and then get in line. You will be paired off into fighting groups, and instructed by our teacher. Ms. Knight. Proceed.

Heya, Fairytaled Family! EpisodeGirl here. :heart::kissing_heart: It is finally time to begin our Fight Club! All the students have gathered in the field right in front of the woods to train. I have paired everyone off. Pairings will be announced next post. DON’T DO ANYTHING YET!

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Putting up the pairs right now. After that, I will add the weapons of choice.

Then, I will make an example post. After all of the above is complete, you may begin.


:sparkling_heart:Ace LaBouff and Bleiz Wolf
:yellow_heart:Paige and Mich Gold
:green_heart:Blythe and Jason Gaston
:blue_heart:Callie Charming and Cara DeVille
:purple_heart:Alya Cheshire and Marta
:sparkling_heart:Darlene North and Max Rider
:purple_heart:Candice Rider and Cole
:blue_heart:Kellan Godmother and Madyson Hatter
:green_heart:Daniel Wood and Piper
:yellow_heart:Adrien and Logan Lightning
:sparkling_heart:Adrianus and Liv
:purple_heart:Kira Mufa and Dirlo
:blue_heart:Audrianna and Cymtia
:green_heart:Roan and Hans
:yellow_heart:Aella and Adrean
:sparkling_heart: Camilla Gaston and Macee
:purple_heart:Tina Dum and Maddox Tentacles
:blue_heart:Aura Gold and Namen
:green_heart:Nick Gold and Kaden Lockes
:yellow_heart:Odessa and Lorelai Pearl
:sparkling_heart:Atlas and Tatiana Bell
:purple_heart:Veronika and McKenzie
:blue_heart:Nalani and Ayncee
:green_heart:Cora Hook and Yasmine Ali
:yellow_heart:Rae Rae and Arissa
:sparkling_heart:Adaline and Kace
:yellow_heart:Ryuu and Brayden Beast

That is all the pairs. No more submitting, sorry. Next, I’m announcing weapons they have access to.



Weapons they have access to:
:heavy_minus_sign: Bow and Arrows
:heavy_minus_sign: Magic and Spells
:heavy_minus_sign:Fighting with your hands.
:heavy_minus_sign:Heavy Metal Weights (To throw)

(They may only pick one.) Please PM me if you have other weapon ideas!



:musical_note: Callie Charming :musical_note:
I smile. I was so excited for the chance to learn how to fight, and prove I wasn’t a baby. My arms and legs still ached from the fall, but I had managed to persuade the nurse to let me leave. I walk to the weapons center. The ribbons sounded pretty, but I had no idea how to use them. I choose a dagger, eventually. I had seen Kai use a sword before, and the dagger was,only a lighter version of that. Holding the dagger, I look through my emails to see who I was partnered up with. Cara! I begin eagerly looking for Cara. She was one of my best friends.

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Yes I can’t wait.I bet this will be much better then training at home.I massage my hands knowing that I’ll have to use a lot of magic here. I look and see that Callie was already here I wonder who else will be here.
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:evergreen_tree:DANIEL WOOD-fight club
I enter the fight club nervously. I head to the middle and pick up a trusty axe. A lot of the other tools looked better but I only knew how to handle the axe correctly. Alrighty here I go! I tell myself.


:diamonds: Ace LaBouff :spades:
I grin cockily as I walk to the field. I was wearing new armor, which my parents have bought for me. I select a whip, which I had used before, in various ways. Then, I check my emails. Partnered with…Bleiz Wolf. Oh, sh**. Not again. I was not in the mood for fighting wolf boy again. My eyes scan the field. Didn’t see him. I hoped he had dropped out.

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:fire: Jason Gaston :fire:
I was smiling as I walked onto the lush green fields. I selected a spear. Back in the town, I had often gone to the lake to spear fish, and brought it home to my family. I scan the list. I was with Blythe. I can’t help myself as a huge grin spreads across my face.

Tag: @ScarletSwanHunter

:lips: Cara DeVille :lips:
I skip excitedly towards the field. Aura was a fighter. Maybe, if I could be one too, Kai would like me better? I had chosen a red flouncy jumpsuit or the occasion. I decide on a dagger with a gold handle, and ruby embellishments. I check my phone. Callie. I grin. Callie was my second best friend after Aura, after all, and she was Kai’s sister. Other than that, she was a kind person, who was very talented at makeup.

:cyclone: Kellan Godmother :cyclone:
Magic, duh. I take out my wand from my tote bag, then read the list of partners. Madison Hatter. Daughter of the Mad Hatter. She sounded fun, and she was probably crazy. I let out a whoop.

Tag: @Kittenlove

:yellow_heart: Camilla Gaston :yellow_heart:
I walk to the fields, Puddles in his fishbowl, slung over my arm, and Betty on the other. I was still pi***d about the thing with Ru The-Ryuu. I grab a shield, since I didn’t know how to use most of the other weapons. Then, I scan the list. I was satisfied to see that Ryuu was with someone else, although it would have been fun to smash him with my shield. I was with someone called Macee. I look around. Is that a girl or a guy? Betty asked me. “No idea.” I replied.

Tag: @ScarletSwanHunter

:gem: Lorelai Pearl :gem:
I strut towards the field, my thigh high black leather boots clicking on the ground. I choose magic, definitely my best ability. Then I scan the list. Odessa. Pretty name. Hands on my hips, I look around the field, hoping to see this ‘Odessa’ walking towards me.

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:sparkles: Tatiana Bell :sparkles:
I smile brightly as I get dressed, then head to the fields. I had never fought before, and liked a challenge. I was going to prove myself! I select a bow and arrow, which I had used a few times. Then, I read the list. Atlas
I wondered who that could be… I look around, hoping he would come up to me first.

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:sun_with_face: Kaden Lockes :sun_with_face:
I smile as I take down a shield. I needed more practice with it, and didn’t want to hurt who I was up against… Nick Gold. Sounded slightly familiar…

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Macee, Blythe, Ryuu

Blythe took out a few knives for herself and offered some to Ru. He shook his head. “I’m going magic today Blythey.” He smiled.
She sighed and stuck a dagger into his belt anyway. “If I know anything about you, you’ll need it.”
Macee came back after looking at the list of names, “Well, Blythe you have some guy named Jason,”
Her cheeks turned red as she bit her tongue and hoped Mace couldn’t hear her racing heartbeat. “Ryuu you Brayden.” She could see Ryuu’s expression sink. He must have wanted to be with Camilla, but with the way he flirted it was best for him not to be.
“And who are you with Mace?” He asked.
“Camilla a believe her name is.”
Blythe grabbed onto Ryuu’s arm before he could pounce onto Mace. No, calm down. If he so much as touches a hair on her head, I’ll kill him. He is also your best friend Ryuu. She could feel his muscles loosen and sees him smile, “Huh. Never heard of her.”


Tina and Roan

She strolled around looking at everything. “Wow.” She said, poking the tip of one of the swords, “Aren’t you pointy.” She told it with a giggle. Roan came over and slapped her hand way, “Don’t touch that you’ll hurt yourself.” Tina peeped, not happy to be so close to the queens son. No daughter now.


Livana, Cymtia, Dirlo and Niliv(Nilani)

Livana walked in, excitement running through her veins. She couldn’t wait to fight someone, let out some of her stress. She smiled and looked at all the weapon options. Which on of you pretties do I want? She was scared out of her thoughts by someone screaming her name, “Liv!”
As she turned around she was thrown into an embrace by someone. She laughed as she heard someone else say, “Don’t kill her now Cym.”
Livana pulled the pink haired girl away from her and grinned, “Cymtia, no way, you’re here?”
“Of course, who taught you everything you know?”
“My mother.” Livana answered only to have Cymtia groan.
She turned to see Dirlo right beside them. Pulling away from Cym she throw a arm around Dirlo, “There you are you beast of a man.” She giggled as he lifted her up.
“We’re missed you back home.” He smiled and let her go.
“I’ve missed you here. You don’t the people I have met, they’re–” She stopped herself. The real person she wanted to tell this to was Niliv. She looked around. She saw Niliv near the axes and they made eye contact. When Niliv was sure no one was looking she gave Liv and smile and mouth, “We’re talk later.”
Livana grinned and turned back to the other two, “What about Travis that handsome devil.”
“Unpacking.” Dirlo said.
“Sleeping.” Cymtia countered.
Liv laughed, “Go it. Well guess we better look at the --”
“Already have,” Cymtia proclaimed, “I’m with Audrianna, know her?”
“No.” Liv shook her head, trying to think back to everyone she has met.
“Dirlo is with Kira.”
“Don’t know her.”
“And you’re with Adrianus.”
“I… think I’ve seen him in a few classes.” She lied.
“Well, we better find our people,” Dirlo said, “But we’ll catch up right.”
“Of course.” Livana smiled between the two and watched them walk off. With a sigh she she took a blade and started sharpening it as she waited.


Adaline and Audrianna
Adaline walked in a look at all the daggers. “Which one of you pretties and I using today.” She tested the handle of some of them seeing their weight and the way they fit in her hand. A girl came next to her with a drink in her hand.
“Do you think someone will die today?” The girl asked, grabbing any old knife she could find.
“Um, I hope not.” Adaline said, picking a dagger. “I wouldn’t drink if I were you. It could mess with your reflexes and–”
“I can handle my liquor sweetie.” The girl extended a hand. “Audrianna.”
“Adaline.” She smiled and shook the girls hand. She’ll be down quickly. One thing we can agree on.


Colette (Cole)

She stood a little farther from the group, biting her lip. Once again, her appearance was male but her posture was feminine. Next to her Nolan leaned against a tree, “Come on now my little dancing princess. You’ll have to move those little feet of yours.”
She growled, folding her arms, “Why do I have to do this?”
“I can’t be always there to protect you. If something happens you need to know how to fight.”
“But I’m a guy now. No one will try anything.”
Nolan fixed her with a dirty look and she fell silent, “You may look like one but you do not act like one. If you don’t want to get caught and taken back I sugest you go over there and find your partner.”
She made a face, “So why aren’t you signing up.”
“Oh, I’m to pretty for this dear.” He turned and walked off, hands in his pockets, “Good luck sweetie!”
She growled and made her way over, trying to stop scowling but couldn’t help it. She hated it and her face stayed a permanent scowl.



I enter the fight club confidently and notice that Adrien was my partner. Who’s that? I thought. I haven’t met them before. Maybe they’d be cool? Whatever. Your not her to make friends! I tell myself. I decide to use magic for my weapon. I could use my lightning! I had learned to use lightning a lot with my father Zeus! I’ve got this!
:deciduous_tree: BRAYDEN BEAST
I Walk into the fight club and then dash to the partners. I’m partners with Ryuu? Hmmm. Never heard of him. I think to myself. I head to the weapons and choose magic and spells. I had been studying them sense I had first came to the school! I hope I can do this! I say to myself.


:blue_heart: YASMINE ALI
I enter the fight club cheerfully. I look at the partner list and see that I’m partnered up with Cora hook! The name sounded familiar to me. Aha! Daughter of captain hook maybe? I smile. I head over to the weapons and choose a set of bow and arrows. I had taken archery when I was young. Let’s do this thing! I confidently think to myself.


Marta walks in and looks around.
Apparently my partner is an Alya Cheshire?
Seeing the weapons rack, she grabs a bow and some arrows.
Nametags would’ve been nice.

Hans is standing by the weapons rack.
“What! No guns? It’s the twenty-first century.”
I suppose I should practice my magic anyway.
He walks back and forth a bit before stopping and staring at the opposite wall.
Who is Roan? Is that a girl name or a boy name?


I entered the fight club and immediately made my way to the weapons. Bow and arrows were always what I was skilled at, so I picked them up. I scanned through my email and a smirk spread across my face. “Well if it isn’t birdy.”

“Aura…” my mind was still trying to find a face to the name. She sounded like she’d be pretty enough. I walked to the weapons area and picked up a sword, testing it’s weight in my hands. I looked around at all the pretty girls and smiled to myself.

Rae Rae? The name itself was ridiculous. What compelled their parents to have their child be named so hideously as to have it mentioned twice? I grabbed two daggers and smiled. Well this would be fun.



He sauntered into the class, feeling a bit happy to be doing this. He hoped he had gotten a good partner, one that was a decently good fighter and one he could learn from. His leg still hurt a bit, but Lilliana had ultimately done a good job on it. He scanned for his name on the list and there it was on the top! He was paired with Ace LaBouff. He hit his head against the wall, groaning in frustration. WHY. MY LIFE. On the plus side, at least he’d get to beat him up.
He headed over to the weapons area place, looking for the one that would cause the most damage. He could handle an Axe pretty well and they could slice pretty nicely through flesh and bone, sooooooo. Obvious choice.
He walked over to Ace, smiling and swinging around his axe. “So. We meet again.”



After some medicine and a bit more rest, she felt better and ready to fight. She did need to learn more hand to hand combat and stuff. Magic couldn’t get her everywhere. She walked over to the weapons table and picked up a sword. She was tempted to play with the spells, but she knew that she had to work on one of her other not as good skills. She then glanced at her email, checking who she had been paired with. Her name was fairly close to the top and he walked as excited to see who she got, until she saw it was Max.
Her eyes widened as she inhaled sharply. She didn’t want to fight Max. She turned the sword over in her hands, shaking her head. S***. She thought of getting a smaller weapon, one that wouldn’t cause as much damage but she decided against it. She shouldn’t back out just because she was fighting her boyfriend. She knew he was a good fighter so maybe he could teach her some stuff. She walked around hesitantly, looking for him.



She glanced at the list for her name, finding it pretty quickly, and seeing that a boy named Cole was her partner. She shrugged; she didn’t know him but she did hope that he was a good fighter. She wanted to learn how to fight better, so maybe her grandfather would be more lenient on her, and let her do whatever she wanted to, just like Max. She picked up a bow and arrow from the table, since she decently knew how to handle one. She saw a boy who she didn’t recognize and was alone, so she figured he didn’t see his partner yet. Maybe that was hers.
She walked over to him, a wide smile on her face to counter the scowl on his. He looks scary. Wonder why he looks so pissed off. “Hey! Are you Cole?”



After a quick glance at the sheet, he realised he was paired with a Logan Lightning. Wasn’t that Zeus’ son? His eyes widened, he hadn’t thought that he hadn’t attended this school. That’s just epic. He must’ve been a really good fighter if he was Zeus’ son. His expectations of Logan were already heightened quite a bit.
He walked over to the table, glancing at what he could use. He figured that Mr. Logan would probably be using magic, so what better way to fight fire than with fire? He could try out his illusions, see how that worked out for him. Besides, he did have his back up potions handy if he required them. Now, to find this kid…



He glanced at the list again, shocked, not wanting to believe it. It said that he was with Livana, but he couldn’t believe that would be true. He groaned. His luck had always been terrible, but this was just a new awful. He didn’t really feel like fighting Liv, but, he knew he would have to. He could already feel Adrien’s gaze burning in the back of his head, but he didn’t turn around to meet his gaze. He sighed. He knew Adrien would be watching him the whole time, and he couldn’t afford a weak spot, a hesitation. It pained him, but he knew he would have to go a bit more than average on Livana.
He headed over to the weapons table, sighing. He picked up a sword; that was his best weapon. He saw Liv not more than a few feet away and walked over to her, hesitating more with every step. “Liv.”


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So he was with a girl. A Tina. Tina Dum. He snickered to himself, that was just an awful name. He hadn’t even met her, but he already felt sorry for her if she had to grow up with “Dum” as a last name. He walks over to the weapons area, picking up an axe that looked pretty sturdy and really damage making. He didn’t want to kill her, per se, just wanted to prove his worth. Unless she was one of those spoiled princesses. Then he did want to kill her.
His gaze darted around to the girls, trying to pick out which one could be Tina, which was pretty hard since he had no idea what the heck she looked like.



She was excited for this. She hadn’t hear of an Arissa, but maybe she was a good fighter. The last time she had fought her father had been awhile, and she was excited to have a new partner to fight with. She walked over to the weapon area and grabbed a dagger, the weapon she was most skilled with, smiling. Now this was an area she was skilled in. She looked around, wondering where this Arissa was.


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:black_heart: Odessa || With Lorelai
Finding something suitable for scruffing with some random newbie, I change into some casual wear and make my way to the field. Seeing Aura, Mich and Nick made me smirk. Seeing Atlas made me grin, and seeing Adrien made that grin turn wicked. Still, I wasn’t here to pick favourites, I was here to have fun. Lorelai. Oh, how sweet, I was partnered with a girl. I glanced at the selection of training weapons and scoffed. A woman that needed a weapon was a woman untrained in the arts. I had all the tools I needed from birth, other’s I’d homegrown on the way, and I didn’t need a tool to help me fight some other chick. I look around.
“Whoever this Lorelai chick is, I’m over here. Don’t expect me to come hunting for you, hun, I haven’t got all day.”

:bust_in_silhouette: Atlas || With Tatiana
Atlas didn’t say a word, looking at the list of names with Lycom watching on a hill mound a few meters away, popcorn in hand and grinning maniacally. He looked to the weapons, and took only a small dirk, testing it’s balance and sharpness before placing it in his belt. He was still in only a simple set of dark casual clothes, with a worn leather belt and bandaged hands. His right hand specifically was still healing from where Lycom had stabbed him, and it would take an hour maybe before it was completely recovered. Left hand it is. He read the name of his ‘partner’ again, and found her in the crowd by her face. A deaf fairy, or pixie, whichever it was. He said nothing as he silently approached her. She was tiny, the complete opposite to him, standing at 7 foot.

:fountain_pen: Nicholaus || With Kaden
I browse the weapons, rubbing my neck awkwardly as I consider my best option. Probably best to practice my hand-to-hand. I still had a challenge with Mich over who would be best, but I knew he would also be in this for the fun. I wanted to actually gain some practice. hand-to-hand it is. But I take a knife just in case, hiding it carefully along with my other hidden blade. I read the name, and my eyes widen a little. Kaden Locks, son of Goldilocks?! Was I ever going to get over the amount of fairytale famous people in this place? Probably not. I quickly pick him out in the crowd and offer an easy smile. “Hey. I think we’re partners?”


:fleur_de_lis: Michalai || With Paige
I burst out laughing as I read the name beside mine. There was no way this was happening, it was way too coincidental. Collecting myself, I find a shield from the weapons wrack, guessing that I’ll probably need it, just in case, and find an open space. I’m still snickering as I wait for Paige to appear. This… This was just too amusing.

:wheel_of_dharma: Veronika || With McKenzie
Leaning against a nearby tree, I scope out the people slowly appearing, smoking by myself as I wait to be found. I had no idea who half of these people were, and magic as a weapon choice? I had my own trusty cutlass if the needs be, and I’d prefer not having magic thrown at me. Still, this should be interesting.


:crown: Aurarius || With Namen
Having changed into something better suited for combat, and yet still stylish and modest for a princess, I looked down the charts for my name. I was slightly distracted by Lycom in the distance. I had been allowed, on this occasion only, not to wear the ring for sake of it being damaged. Both Odessa and Atlas had had to vouch for me though, finally forcing Lycom to relent and keep hold of it. I still had my golden pendant though, and I fingered it nervously as I finally found my name. When I saw who I was partnered with, I let out a quiet groan. Of all the people, I get the player.
I take a sword, a fine rapier, and as I tested the balance and swing to it, I also looked around for the melonhead who was to be my sparring partner. It didn’t take me long to find him, and I raise a brow at his similar selection of weapon. “Well… Isn’t this a fine surprise.” I say, approaching him while also keeping a good step’s distance. “If it isn’t the thief, what was your name again? Funny, I seem to forget.”

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I smiled at the girl I had seen from earlier yesterday. “And if it isn’t the soon-to-be-married sexy princess. I’m surprised the name fled your memory. It’s quite hard to forget.” I stepped closer. “Namen. I don’t believe you ever told me yours.”
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I walk u to Niliv.“Guess were partnered together.”


Niliv (Nilani)

She nearly jumped out of her skin when Anyce spoke. Had she seen me speaking with Liv. No don’t be stupid, she doesn’t know who Liv is. “Oh, I haven’t looked at the list so I’ll take your word for it.” She picked up an axe and throw it from hand to hand.



:crown: Aurarius || With Namen
I breeze bast him, instead looking for a place in the field where we could practice that would be out of Lycom’s view. I didn’t need him watching my back the entire time, not while I had to deal with this guy. “No, you’re right, how could I forget. Your name is literally ‘Name’ just with an N.” I purposefully ignore his first comment. No way in hell was I ‘soon-to-be’ married. I wouldn’t be married at all if I had my own way. Not to Lycom, at least.
“Princess Aurarius Calantha Athena Phrygia, Royal Daughter of King Midas, first of my name and third in line to the throne of Anatolia.” I casually glanced back, the long title rolling off my tongue easily, and shrug. “But of course, you should know my name, if you had bothered to read the cards we were given.” I say, fanning myself with my card, where our names were printed down.

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“Dang are you okay you sure are jumpy.” I grab a bottle of water.


Oh! They gave me a picture of my partner, didn’t they?
Hans checks the pocket of his jacket and pulls out some papers.
“Here we go, now.”
I still can’t tell if he’s a boy or a girl.
He scans the room to find Roan and sees Roan near the weapons.
There you are.
As he trots over to the weapons rack, he folds the paper and puts it back in his jacket.
“Hello! Roan, is it? My name is Hans Persson.”

@ScarletSwanHunter (Roan)