Fairytaled || Official Roleplay || Part Three



Congratulations, student! We have verified that you are indeed a child of a famous fairytale character, and are now inviting you to Once Upon a High!
Once Upon a High, a school just for the sons and daughters of fairytale characters. And you’ve been invited! Please meet at the cross streets of Mulberry Avenue, and Jameson Street. A portal will transport you to the school. Our school has been standing tall for fifty-two years. We hope you enjoy our fifty-fourth year here with us.
Little does everyone know, a dark magic is lurking around the school. Students are flipping the scripts…secret romances, fights… What will happen in your years at Once Upon A High?


  1. No God-modding, and if you’d like to add a plot twist, ask me first, and give me a vague and brief description of what you plan to do!

  2. Sex scenes are allowed. But they can’t be descriptive, and you may not describe rape scenes, or describe the sex scene in a disturbing, disgusting way.

  3. If you are going to curse, use *’s!

  4. Try to be active at least once every 2 days. Notify me if you will be gone for a while. If you have a long, unexcused absence, I will put your character up for adoption, or kill them off.

  5. Have fun and always be kind and respectful!



Kidnapping Permission Slip (Optional)
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This RP has already been started on the old forums, and a bit on here. Check the archives to catch up! Other than that, continue where we left off! Happy RPing! :slight_smile:

Any one have a role play?

Part two is about to die, so here is Part three, in advance! Can’t believe we have 20,000 replies just in new forums :grin::sob::sob: Love you guys :heart: Have fun!


Jasper :pick: With Colette

As she shifted into my lap, my arms wrapped around her waist once more as I pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Well, if I learned anything from Chemythstry, anything can be a poison if you try hard enough.” I chuckled. “We’d probably need a scentless, colourless, and tasteless poison though, which might be a bit harder. We can’t just give her a cup of bleach.” I sighed, playing with the ends of her hair as I twirled strands in between my fingers. “If I had my textbook with me I could probably do it, but even then where would we get ingredients?”



“Still though. You could’ve at least left a note. I would’ve appreciated knowing where my best friend went.” She smiled again, her cheery exterior returning. “But anyway, it’s fine as long as you don’t do it again. Why’d you leave anyway?” She cocks her head at McKenzie, a brow raising. “Did your mom force you to go home?”



:poodle: Trinity

After a chat with Lexi, I decided I needed some fresh air and went outside. Getting lost in another world, I started day-dreaming. Living is hard work, you know.


Haru ~with Marta
My eyes went wide she she thought that was cool. Then i heard her ask about my mom. “It dosen’ t really matter because she is dead.” I say as my voice catches in my throat slightly.


Zuhayr ~Tasmilyah
“It is a bit searous. But mostly it is that i realized that dad never told you why I wasn’t around.” I say as i kiss the top of her head.
@Drama_Queer it’s ok i get it compleetly


:candy: Tasmilyah - Zuhayr

“Okay…” I say, nervous. I take a deep breath. Nobody ever told me this. Not even dad. I guess this is one of those moments when you’re afraid to know the truth. What if it’s bad? What if it’s about a plan to bomb the while planet?
…Okay I was exaggerating a bit, but you get my point.



Zuhayr ~with Tasmilyah
“It’s not that bad.” I say as i pat her on the back. “Tas do you want me to start with why I was gone or why dad sent me here and in what i got caught doing.” I say as i smile and mess up her hair.


:dancer: Colette ~ With Jasper

"The kitchen? I mean, chemistry and cooking are… kind of the same thing right?’ She sighed, thinking it over, “If anything we could just slam her over the head. It should be pretty affective.”



Jasper :pick: With Colette

I chuckled at her suggestions. “I will gladly hit her over the head. Or poison her. Or both. It won’t be easy, but I gladly will.” I smiled as enjoyed the feeling of her in my arms. Being in this ice castle hell hole made me realize that it won’t always be easy going, but she’ll still be here with me. “So, shall we go poison and/or knock out a snow queen my Juliet?”



:dove: Adaline ~ WIth Kace

_ “Only counts if I sleep with em. You wanna be in that big black book sweetheart?”_ She shook her head, “No. I think I’m good actually. Would you like to be in my death note?” (LT might get this) She scanned the ground, listening to him, “She was a quick fix. Ah ha, sure. Why are you explaining yourself to me? She’s obviously drunk, how would you even cheat on me if we’re not together. If anything I’m the one who cheated on someone.” So then why did it somewhat hurt? She shook the thought away.
“You probably wont get it.” “Oh really? Try me.” She spotted some fox tracks and smiled, kneeling down beside them, “So, how are you feeling about a nice fox this evening?”




Macee ~ With Arissa

“So we’re looking at the photos. That should take a while then.” He muttered, looking over her shoulder as she flipped through the book and his eyes found golden ones. He placed a hand on the page to stop Arissa’s flipping, “Here. This girl?”



:wine_glass: Adonis:
“No sweetheart. We can’t come again.” His heart sunk at those words, and his small body began to tremble soflty as he held on tighter to Kuara’s hand. Not wanting to let his new friend go. Apollo became even more intimidating than before with Ric’s presence. The boy watched wide eyed at the body of his captor turn to ash and flames and the sounds of blood-curdling screams as bodies began to melt filled the room, making it smell of burnt flesh. Kaura began fighting, and though any other boy would have ran…he found himself intruiged. Enjoying the screams of men who’d made him do the same thing. She leaned herself against him and held her uo as best as he could. "Let her awake," he nodded to Apollo before he grabbed Ric and threw him angrily against the wall. “The poor boy has been abused and harassed by every single person in this gang, your brother most of all. I believe in justice for those who have been wronged. You have five minutes to give me a reason to kill you where you stand.”
Ric was scared out of his mind, looking away from his feirce form as he struggled to get away.
“The rule,” Kuara said shakily, and as she begged for sleep he shook her. “N-no you cant sleep!” He wasn’t sure why but he didnt hesitate to keep the order. “Rule?? Kuara what rule?”
“You want these Mortal men on your record?” Ric said shakily. “The God’s wont take kindly to a meaningless murder rampage! What’s it to you whats done to the boy? He’s our property! Specifically given to us by Dionysus himself! You can’t do anything about it!”
Adonis’s brows shot up at his father’s name. “B-but- he’s coming back for me now. I was a good boy…right s-sir? That’s why you’re here isnt it? To take me away?”



:snake: Nolan ~ With Aura

“Never trust a snake…” He licked his bottom lip, with a smirk, You learn quickly my dear. “I’ll be mindful of how loud I think, then. Hopefully my private thoughts aren’t too shrill for you. We wouldn’t want your ears bleeding.” He chuckled, “Oh don’t worry, your private thoughts don’t interest me too much. Or well, that also depends on what you see as private and what you see as interesting. Two people can have two very different outlooks on those two topics.” Epsecally when one of the two needs something from the other.
“He makes friends with the less fortunate or the thieves of the slums.” He watched the way she said it and frowned. She had hit a nerve. Nolan had grown up around those kinds of people and even though he had escaped, he disliked having royals try to tell him and explain to him what it was like because they didn’t know. He hated hearing that the less fortunate would never change, they would stay where they are and never move. It only made him what to prove them even more wrong. And he had asked his father for gold to live better but his father liked being with the filth. Never listening to Nolan, so that it where they were and where they stayed. It was one reason why Nolan left. Never the less Nolan nodded along to what she said and hid whatever emotion or memory she had struck.
"Besides, how can I argue against such an excellent dancer?” He returned the grin and considered her question thrown back at him, “I don’t believe I dislike you princess. I find you rather interesting. I can assure you if you didn’t enjoy your company I would have left long before this. That take as you will.” They can to another cross road, “Your turn spider.”

@LTea - So… what does this maze go to… also… I’m guessing I can teleport things hmm?


:candy: Tasmilyah - Zuhayr

“I don’t mind.” I said, shrugging. “Why you were gone?”



Zuhayr ~with Tasmilyah
I sit down in the hall and pat the ground next to me for her to sit. “Well I wasn’t around much because dad gave me away to keep his secreats.” I say as i roll my eyes slightly. “He gave me to his slave girl who helped him find the treasure as a groom for her and to keep her quiet about his treasure.” I say as I look at the floor my emotions a mess.


:candy: Tasmilyah - Zuhayr

“So I’m thinking it’s a safe guess you became friends with her?” I said in a hushed tone. I had a concerned look on my face. “What’s wrong, Zuhayr?”



:hibiscus: Irene || With Namen
"If not to get more connections but also to enjoy the food, the alcohol… The ladies.”
As the Lady Pandora just smiled and nodded along, Irene tensed a little. Lanni leaned a little closer to whisper, “Told you so.” But Irene knew better then to judge someone so quickly. At least, she hoped she did. As Pandora told Elijah to dance with her, Irene felt her face flush, and as he kissed her fingers a small nervous giggle escaped her lips.
“I’m more concerned with if I step on your feet. I am a good dancer, but I don’t dance with a partner often.” Even when she did, it was with one of the other handmaidens to try and learn, so she frequently wound up either taking the lead or mixing up the steps. She knew Pandora just wanted to see her smile, and Irene did love dancing. She allowed Elijah to lead her to the dancefloor, and only glanced back at her friends once before focusing more on the handsome man beside her. “The Lady Pandora is nice, yes? She treats us well, but don’t feel pressured to dance just because she asked. I would understand.” She said, brushing her hair behind her ear shyly.



Zuhayr ~with Tasmilyah
“She raised me Tas I even called her mom.” I say as i cry a bit. “It’s just…nevermind It doesn’t matter.” I say as i shake my head.