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Dear {Character’s Name},
Congratulations, student! We have verified that you are indeed a child of a famous fairytale character, and are now inviting you to Once Upon a High!
Once Upon a High is a school just for the sons and daughters of fairytale characters. Please meet at the crosstreets of Mulberry Avenue, and Jameson Street on August 30, or as soon as you receive this letter. A portal will then appear to transport you to the school.
Our fine establishment has been standing tall for fifty-four years. We hope you enjoy our fifty-fifth year here with us.

Headmaster Grimm

Last year, all the students took a much-needed summer break, slightly frazzled, but well. Some stayed in their dorms, others headed home, some took vacations to other kingdoms. Deals had been struck, kisses shared, couples created. Now some of the older students will be returning to OUH for their second year, along with some new students as well.

But little does everyone know, a dark magic is lurking around the school. Students are flipping the scripts… secret romances, fights, betrayals, and kidnappings… What will happen in your years at Once Upon A High?


1. Each post must be at least four sentences long. This is a more advanced roleplay, so one-liners are not allowed. If you cannot come up with four sentences worth of writing for a post, the conversation should probably come to an end, seeing as it is not detailed enough. There is no maximum length for a post, you can write as much as you’d like to. If you post less than four sentences, I will PM you, asking you to add more, and you will get one strike. Three strikes will ban you from the RP.
2. Sex can be implied-and only implied. Once the clothes all come off, fade to black-unless the characters get interrupted after clothes come off. Nothing can be too explicit and if you really want that- take it to a PM. Other romantic interactions such as making out, cuddling, hugging, dancing, flirting, etc are also allowed as well.
3. No God-modding without explicit permission. Controlling other’s characters is a definite strike.If you control someone else’s character or kill them off without explicit permission from the owner, you will receive a strike and/or be kicked from the RP.
4. Use trigger warnings. If you are about to post something containing a triggering topic, you MUST put a trigger warning. Even if you don’t think the topic is that triggering, still add a warning. You never know what people are going through. Triggers you should put a warning for are anxiety, depression, mental disorders, body or gender dysphoria, physical or mental abuse, etc. If you include one of the topics listed, research to make sure you portray this topic correctly. Descriptions of self harm, rape, and suicide are not allowed in this RP.
5. NO ORP / OCC POSTS!! I cannot stress enough how much I HATE posts that just say something like:

ORP : Can someone approach Alyssa please? She’s by the fountain.

NEIN! These are not allowed in the roleplay because they clutter the thread and make it look messy. They also add unnecessary posts to the post count and will fill up the thread much faster. Instead of these posts, you have a few options. You can add it to the end of your RP post, for example :

Alyssa Smith | Fountain
I took a selfie since the lighting was so perfect. Looking at my phone, I sighed. Why am I so ugly?
ORP : Can someone approach Alyssa please? She’s by the fountain.

Ignore the fact that that’s a pretty crappy post and below the required word count, but that is an excellent way to include ORPs on this thread. Another way you can ORP is by PMing the person you’d like to approach you, asking them if their character could approach yours. Lastly, you can put it in the general chat or sign-ups. Don’t spam the sign ups though! If you make a post that is only an ORP, I will go ballistic and do everything I can to make sure it is removed from the RP- PM you, report the post, etc. So please spare my sanity and don’t lol.
6. Correct Grammar and Punctuation is a must! Okay, I’m kinda a grammar Nazi, but it’s okay if you accidentally spell a word wrong or forget a comma every once in a while! Just do your best to have good grammar, and read your post before posting! If you excessively have bad grammar and it looks like you aren’t putting any effort into the post, I will PM you and you will get a strike.
7. Cloning and Location. Hehe I changed this rule a bit, since I know most people don’t like putting location and usually do not. You only have to add location if your character is cloned. You can write it, though, even if your character is not cloned.
8. Activity Levels. There is not a set amount of activity needed to be in this RP! Just be as active as you can. As long as you’re with us, that’s all that matters, and this is a pretty chill roleplay. Everyone has a life and most people here have school, or even a job. And sometimes, one isn’t very motivated to write posts. So it’s all gucci if your activity varies as long as you do your best. However, if you are inactive for three weeks, I’ll send you a PM asking if you’re okay. And if you’re inactive for over five weeks, I will put your characters into the adoptions.
9. Sign-ups are eternally open! If you want to join FTD or create more amazing characters, but the RP has already begun, don’t worry! Sign ups are always open so you can always make more characters, no matter how far in the RP is. So pop on over and sign up some peeps!
10. New members must start with no more than eight characters. This is to ensure they are dedicated to the roleplay! Two weeks in, if you’re still active, you may add in the rest of your characters!
11. Have fun! Haha this is going to sound SO cheesy, but this RP means so much to me. Here, I’ve made a lifetime of friends who I consider family, became a better writer, learned new things about myself, became a better person. The point of this RP is to have fun and be creative, so please just go crazy. Don’t stress or engage in drama, just enjoy your stay. Thank you!


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Headmaster Grimm | Balcony
The sun rose upon Once Upon a Kingdom, casting golden beams of light upon the tall white building. It was a large building-made of stone and marble and twice the size of Cinderella’s castle. Green ivy was crawling up the side of the school, and a golden sign hung above the door- engraved with three words : Once Upon a High. The prestigious Once Upon a High stood proudly behind wrought iron gates, which were soon to be opened to all the students. On the other side of the gates was a thick, lush forest, which stretched for miles. It was impossible to tell where it ended.

Headmaster Grimm sat at his office desk, sipping from a mug of burning-hot coffee. He looked stiff and stern- silver hair, freshly ironed suit, and a stone-cold glare that never softened. His face showed almost no sign of age except for a small crease between his eyebrows from glaring so often. Light stubble on his chin kept him looking somewhat youthful. He had fallen asleep at his desk-per usual. He had been up late perfecting everything about the coming year at Once Upon a High. Fixing up roommates, organizing schedules…it was hard work.

Finishing his coffee, the man stood, walking over to a board on the wall. The board showed the whole world-all kingdoms and dimensions. It lit up in certain places when a potential student was located. All he had to do was confirm that student, and the invitation would be sent. No notifications…yet. Over the summer the headmaster had accepted dozens of new students, but he knew there had to be more fairytale children out there. Frustrated, he huffed and turned to the wall-clock.

It was six-thirty. Students would be arriving by now… Headmaster Grimm pressed a button at his desk, opening the gates. Looking out the window, he already saw plenty of students entering and exploring the school. He stepped out of his office and walked through the halls. The halls were empty and silent. The sides were covered with posters for clubs, lockers, and bulletin boards. The headmaster’s shoes clicked as he turned the corner and stepped up the stairs to the balcony. From there he could watch the students coming into the school. He was always watching, no matter where he was…


Valentina Amour Cupid x Lorelai Summer Pearl | Front of OUH
Valentina Cupid groaned loudly as she yanked the blanket she and Lorelei Pearl were sharing back over her body, which was practically frozen stiff. Immediately, she felt the warmth returning to her body. “You always take the blanket,” she complained, not caring if she woke Lorelei up. Her bed-mate was already awake, but not awake enough to do anything productive. “It’s my bed,” she mumbled. “If you want the blanket to yourself, sleep in your own room.” Valentina responded by placing both of her ice cold feet on Lorelei’s bare back. Lorelei pushed her off the bed. “B-tch!” she snapped. “F-ck off! Make me a coffee while you’re at it.” She snuggled comfortably back into the covers. Valentina glared up at her, but after a glance at her phone, she decided she’d better get up and ready for school.

“I’m taking a shower,” she announced, slinging her uniform and a towel over her arm and leaving the bedroom. After a long, hot shower, she slipped into her freshly washed uniform. She had cut a hole in the back of the dress and cloak for her tiny pink cupid wings to poke out. She paired shiny black heels and lacy socks with the uniform as well as hoop earrings and a bronze bracelet. After doing her hair and makeup, she made a cup of coffee returned to Lorelei’s bedroom.

Lorelei was finally awake enough to sit up in her bed and take sips from a glass of water. Her eyes scanned Valentina up and down as she plopped down next to Lorelei on the bed. “Well aren’t you cute,” she smirked. Valentina rolled her eyes. “Jealous much?” Lorelei chortled. “As if! Where’s my coffee?” Valentina took a sip from her mug of warm brown liquid. “Make your own, you lazy h-e.” Lorelei glared at her, then stood up, gathered her uniform and left to take a shower. Valentina finished her coffee and set it on Lorelei’s nightstand just to annoy her. Of course, they always joked with each other, especially with the name calling. Lorelei wasn’t really a morning person anyways.

Twenty minutes later, Lorelei stood in front of Valentina. Even though they were both in the same uniform, Valentina felt a twinge of envy. Lorelei’s uniform fit her perfectly, hugging her curves and ending just a few inches above the knee. She wore stylish black boots and hoop earrings. Her face was bare- she didn’t need makeup to be beautiful, being the daughter of Aphrodite and all. In the back of her mind, Valentina wondered if it wasn’t jealousy, but longing she was feeling. She stopped herself. No. You don’t love her anymore. “Y-you look nice.” She got out, getting off the bed and onto her feet.
“Nicer than you. Want to get breakfast?” Lorelei nodded her head towards the bedroom door. Just down the stairs, breakfast fit for the gods was waiting for them. Valentina nodded. “Sure.”

After breakfast, the two girl traveled back to school by chariot, chatting all the way about their classes, and what social events might occur that year. “Ooh! That reminds me!” Valentina beamed, bouncing in the chariot with excitement. Lorelei learned in, her face mirroring Valentina’s. “Yes?” She was in a much better mood now that she had showered and eaten. “Headmaster Grimm is allowing me to plan the Fall Formal!” Valentina burst out, still grinning like the Cheshire Cat. It had taken a lot of effort to convince the cold, grumpy Headmaster to allow the dance at all-and a lot more to allow such an event to be planned by a mere student. “Hey, cool.” Lorelei said, also smiling. “Have you decided on a theme?” Valentina shook her head. “Probably just Fall," she said, hoping it wouldn’t bore Lorelai. "But no dress code this time.” She shuddered, remembering the last dance where only certain color garments were allowed. Lorelei nodded. “Sounds good. Do you know who you’re asking?”

Right when Lorelei asked that question, one name came to Valentina’s mind. Candice. Candice was Valentina’s friend from last year, and Valentina had a tiny crush on her. Of course, Candice wouldn’t want to go with her, Valentina didn’t even know if she liked girls. She shook her head. “Not really,” She lied. “Well, there’s always me!” Lorelei said with a wink. Valentina pushed her away. “Ew, no. I’m not going to the dance with a w-ore like you.” Lorelei pushed her back, giggling. “Your loss.”
They kept talking until the chariot slowly flew to the ground and a servant came to help with their bags. “Welcome back to Once Upon a High, Miss Pearl. Miss Cupid.”


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Ace Lanceton LaBouff | Front of OUH
“Ace, dear? Wake up, please, you’re going to be late for school!” Ace’s murky blue eyes blinked open to the timid voice of his mother at the bedroom door. Groaning in annoyance, he rolled over to face the door, pushing the half-naked girl clinging to his chest to the side. “Ace?” Lottie called again. “Can you shut the f-ck up? I’m coming!” Ace reluctantly got to his feet. He could hear his mother heading back downstairs. F-cking finally… Ace threw on the uniform and ran some gel through his hair, then checked himself out in the mirror- his morning routine. Not bad… He threw his signature-a red letterman’s jacket from his old school- over the uniform jacket, and opened the door, leaving the poor hook-up behind. He was sure his mother could take care of her.

“Morning.” his brother, Liam greeted him. “Yo.” Ace sat down on the stool next to his brother. “Pass me one of those, would you?” he gestured to protein bars in the drawer next to Liam. Liam tossed him one, and Ace unpackaged it, taking a large bite. After a moment of silence, Liam asked, “Are you excited to go back to Once Upon a High?” Ace glared at him. “That sh-thole? I’d rather die…” he groaned. “You’re lucky you’re home-schooled now. More time for the important things.” Liam looked uncomfortable, then took a bite of his apple, leaving the conversation at that.

Once breakfast was finished, Ace packed his suitcases and his maids carried them to the white limo waiting downstairs. He bid his mother goodbye, although he wished he hadn’t she was so sensitive and tearful, ridiculous. His brothers seemed not to care, but the feeling was mutual. Ace put in his earbuds and turned on his favorite music-rap music. He remained this way until the limo drove up next to Once Upon a High. The door was opened for him, and his suitcases were lifted up and taken to his room by the staff. Ace looked up at the school. It wasn’t much, in his opinion. He’d seen much nicer places. Still, the school met his standards and it was better to be at boarding school than nagged by his mother all the time.

Ace began walking down the paths, weaving through students, checking out the girls. There were plenty of new girls- very attractive new girls. Finally, he stopped near a lamppost to take a selfie for his social media. Seeing no reason not to rest and scroll through his friend’s posts, he did just that.


Approachable…if you dare. DO NOT post yet!

Extra Trigger Warning

Ace is a twisted, cruel, horrible character with equally terrible beliefs. Almost all of his posts will be triggering to read for some people- so please do at your own risk.


Callie Diane Charming | Bench at Front of OUH
Callie Charming’s pale blue eyes fluttered open, and her alarm clock blurred into view. Yawning, she blinked a few times, and the time became clear. Eight-thirty. Callie nearly fell out of bed. “Shoot!” Scrambling to her feet, she ran to her closet, yanked her school uniform off its hanger. “No, no, no, no, no…” she groaned, running into her bathroom and slamming the door behind her. It was August 30th, the day she was to return for another year at Once Upon A High. And orientation started in an hour!

Stripping off her pajamas and throwing them on the floor, Callie turned on her shower. No bubble bath for me this morning… Rubbing shampoo into her tatted hair, Callie took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. She couldn’t believe she had slept in on the first day of school! She’d set an alarm to wake up extra-early and get ready, but she must’ve slept through it.

After the shortest shower she’d ever taken, Callie patted herself dry with an enchanted towel, one that could dry you off completely and quickly. Then, she slipped into her uniform dress and cloak, making sure to slip some padding under her bra, like she always did. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. Three months’ worth of summer vacation and I didn’t mature a bit… she made sure the dress was pinned so it appeared much higher than it was supposed to be and then did a little twirl in the full length mirror.

Exiting her bathroom, she plopped down on her vanity school, and checked the time. Eight-Fifty. She pulled up her thigh-high uniform stockings and her 3-inch high black heels over them. She took a deep breath, feeling more hopeful. I might be able to finish this in time… Makeup was what took her the longest. Opening up her eyeshadow palettes, taking the cap off the mascara, and laying out her numerous foundation powders and bottles, Callie squealed in excitement. Makeup was her favorite thing in the world. She could transform her entire face and become goddess-like with the help of these powders, liquids, and colors. It was like magic.

As she patted bronzer and foundation onto her face, she smiled fondly, remembering her summer, which had been mostly spent sleeping over at the DeVille mansion with Cara and staying up all night. They danced to their favorite songs, went shopping at the malls with the latest trends, and of course, talked about boys. Callie constantly made fun of Cara for crushing on her older brother, who she found to be bossy, overprotective, and stuck-up. She had no idea what Cara saw in him.

Dabbing some blush onto her already-rosy cheeks, she slipped her pin-straight hair over one shoulder. She would’ve liked to curl her hair but there wasn’t enough time, so she pulled it into a tight ponytail. She smiled at herself in the vanity mirror. Completely transformed. She took a quick selfie for her Fairygram and posted it with the caption, ~Ready for another gorgeous year!~. Then, she got to her feet, did one last spin in front of the mirror, and walked out the door. Her suitcases had been packed last night and were waiting at the front along with her carriage.

Her mother was waiting for her at the front door, looking her up and down. When Callie’s eyes met her mother’s, it was almost as if her mother was seeing her for the first time. It had been a while since she’d talked to her mother. Her mother didn’t know about her self-consciousness, her makeup, her bra-stuffings… It was like living with a stranger. “See you Fall Break.” she muttered, brushing past her mother and out the front door.


If anyone wishes to approach Callie, she has arrived at OUH and is sitting on a bench, scrolling through Fairygram.


Ivan "Ivori" Bunni | Front of School
One day earlier…
Ivan’s mind was on a schedule. Mondays. 4:30 Am. Wake up. 5:30 Am. Get breakfast. 6:00 Am. Get the week’s mission. There was much more than that, but doing it every single Monday for almost every year of his life had made this agenda quite dull to him. After throwing on a black hoodie with matching jeans and sneakers, he headed to the cafeteria, hoping for a somewhat decent breakfast. D-mn, just leftovers. He allowed the chefs to scoop last week’s scrambled cheese-eggs onto his plate and sat down to some friends-if you could call them that. Where he worked, it was every man for himself. Completing tasks, doing better than the others, stealing jobs-that’s how you stayed alive. And as much as Ivan had grown to…not hate the people around him, he prioritized his life much more than just a bunch of nobodies who probably wouldn’t remember his first name in a few years. There was some small talk, and then Ivan stood up, and left for the mission room. He hoped it was something easy today-his body was sore from the last mission which involved fencing with some hoity-toity knight to entertain a queen and his cruel kingdom. He’d stolen some of her riches though-and he won the fight- but of course he had gotten bruised and battered in battle.

“Come in, Ivan.” The agency’s leader, Ms. Martinez called before Ivan even knocked on her door. Her cameras were everywhere. Ivan opened the door, and closed it behind him. “Good morning.” Ivan sat down in his chair and mumbled a response, not meeting her eyes. He fiddled with the drawstrings of his hoodie, which kept his face blank and expressionless-he never showed fear to this horrid woman who had inflicted so much torture upon him. Martinez rolled her eyes, but she was used to it by now. “I have… a different mission for you today.” Ivan raised an eyebrow. “Hm?” Martinez slid a photograph across her desk. It was a colored photograph of some kind of castle, a tall, white castle, with many levels and towers. Flags flew at the tips of the points, and it was surrounded by thick forest. Gosh, not another fencing match… “You might be surprised to hear this is a school.” Martinez slid another photograph of the same castle across the table. Words were engraved above the large doors- Once Upon a High. “A school?” This was definitely not a normal mission.

“This ‘Once Upon a High’ is a school for the offspring of Fairytale characters…” Martinez said, pausing for this to sink in. “And you just happened to get an invitation.” She held the gold envelope with Lucius Rabbit emblazoned on the front between her well-manicured fingers. Ivan’s mouth hung open a bit. His head swarmed with questions and possibilities. Would he really be allowed a life at this school? Set free to be his own person? “I’ve looked into some of the attending students. Kids of princesses will be there. Kings, queens… Gods!” Martinez’s eyes were wide with excitement. “And when you’re the kid of a god…” she smirked. “You’ll probably have some excellent information to share.” Realizing, Ivan’s face shifted. He was disappointed he wasn’t being set free, but this was something… something he had to take advantage of. He smirked back. “I’ll bet.” He said, folding his arms. Martinez winked. “You’re our best bet at this information. Plus, you’ve already been invited, so we won’t have to disguise you or sneak you in.” Ivan nodded, standing up. “I’ll do it. When does it start?” Martinez looked at him. “Tomorrow.”

Ivan’s mind was on a schedule, so he woke up at four. He was unsure if he was actually going to Once Upon a High, or if it had just been an amazing dream… No. It couldn’t have been. The white suit and jacket was spread out at the foot of his bed, and the guidebook tucked under his pillow. Ivan’s eyes filled with joyful tears. Finally, he was out of there… Finally… He dressed in the uniform and styled his hair in a somewhat neat, preppy-boy way. Then, he packed his small knapsack with some clothes, the guidebook, and a transmitter, which was sort of like a phone but it could only message the agency. He was heading out the door when. “Wait-” Ivan looked into the deep hazel eyes of one of his friends and fellow prisoners, Ava. Her short black hair was clipped out of her face, which was heart-shaped and perfectly clear, even through the harsh conditions. “What?” Ivan asked, pulling his arm out of her grasp. Yeah, so they’d had a thing. They’d hooked up a ton, since they shared a room and all. But it hadn’t meant anything to him and he was sure she knew that before the relationship started. Besides, she was too clingy. He hated clingy. While he was a prisoner at this h-ll, he could never support someone the way a boyfriend was supposed to. And he didn’t know how, anyways. He didn’t feel capable of love.

“I saw the book. The uniform. You aren’t coming back, are you?” Ava’s voice was quiet-and for the first time timid. Pitying her, Ivan looked into her eyes and softened his tone. “‘Course I am. You really think Martinez would set me free just to go to some prep school?” Relief flashed across her face. “So-” “It’ll just be a few months. I’ll be back.” Ivan reassured her, turning for the door. She stopped him again. He turned around, more annoyed this time. “Ivan, I…” she stood on tiptoe, letting her lips crash into his. Disgusted, he pushed her away. “Seriously, Ava?” he asked, irritated. Ava pouted. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was doing, I just-” Ivan glared at her. “Save it.” He snapped, slamming the door on his way out.

After discussing weekly check in’s and such with Martinez, Ivan’s ankle was secured with a tracking device and he was set free into the forest. Just head straight forwards and you’ll get there. Martinez had instructed. Morphing into a small white rabbit, Ivan began hopping towards the forest, just hoping this was the right way. His knapsack, which was almost twice as big as him trailed behind him in the dirt.

After hours of traveling, Ivan had shifted back to human form-he couldn’t be a rabbit for too long anyways. He was walking and sipping from a water-skin when he saw the tips of the castle school peeking above the trees. His heart filling with hope, he ran towards what he prayed was Once Upon a High. Finally, he stood at the gates. He hadn’t been outside in years, and the light was blinding. And so many people- he’d almost forgotten there were lives outside the agency. Ivan let himself have one joyful moment before remembering his mission. He ran his fingers through his hair… Anyone interesting around here?


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Kellan Leon Godmother | Front of OUH
Dang! Kellan Godmother smirked, running his fingers through his powder blue hair as he admired the new students. Mostly the male newcomers. Only the male newcomers. One in particular was tall, and well built. Muscular, dark and handsome. Kellan felt his heart racing. Why are all the guys at this school so freaking hot? Kellan approached the boy, biting his bottom lip and continuing to admire him. “Hey.” The boy turned, surprised. “Er, hello. May I help you?” He had a deep voice, tinted with annoyance. Kellan gulped. He wanted to compliment the guy. Ask him out. Tell him he was hot or something. But when he opened his mouth, all that came out was, “Hey, hot stuff! If you were a piece of meat, you’d be well done!” Kellan’s face paled as he heard the words escape his lips. Horrified, he ran away before he could hear the boy’s repulsed answer.

Kellan stuffed his hands into the pockets of his white dress pants, huffing in annoyance. He always did this. Whenever he met someone, he always used some stupid pick up line instead of trying to start an actual conversation. No wonder he was forever alone. Poor Kellan had never even had a boyfriend before. There weren’t really any gay guys in his neighborhood or school. And even if there were, he was so quirky, they’d back away faster than he could use one of his made-up lines.

The only person who didn’t judge him for his words was his sister Jovie. She always laughed at his jokes and lines, encouraging him he’d find someone someday. Speaking of Jovie, Kellan dug into the pocket of his hacker and took out his phone. He shot Jovie a quick text, “U here yet? Can’t wait! :partying_face::eyes: When she didn’t respond, he pocketed his device and sat on a bench near the gates of he school, hoping to see Jovie and his mom soon. It had been a while.


@Alexwrites - Jovie mentioned!
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Camilla Olivia Gaston | Edge of Woods
In the middle of the night, Camilla was still wide awake, as usual. She was never tired and always had unbelievable amounts of energy. She had been waiting for her older brother, Jason to fall asleep, and by the sound of his soft snores, she could tell he had. Slowly, she slid out of her pink sleeping bag making sure not rustle the silky fabric and wake up her dorm-mate. This was her midnight routine. Sneaking away from her overprotective hypocrite of a brother to go wherever she pleased- The Beach, The Castleteria Kitchen, The forest, anywhere but cooped up in a musty dorm.

She couldn’t change out of her rabbit patterned pajamas without turning on the light, so she decided to wear them on her little adventure. She didn’t plan to be too long anyways. Grabbing the plate of cookies she had prepared that afternoon, she opened the doorway and stepped into the hallway of the boy’s dorms. She wasn’t really supposed to be there but security wasn’t very tight, and Jason “needed” to make sure she was okay at all times. She planned to go down to the empty Castleteria to eat the cookies and maybe even steal a few of their snacks. She let out a small squeal, thinking about it, then remembered she had to be quiet, since others were sleeping. It had taken her exactly eight tries to get a batch of cookies that satisfied her, and even now, they were still quite undercooked and sprinkled with way too much flour. Camilla has hardly noticed, lost in her own thoughts. She was so lost she walked right past the Castleteria and wound up where the front of the school met the edge of the tall, dark woods.

She cocked her head. Why am I here? She had been here a few times during the break to take Puddles, Betty, and Hoover on walks or to hunt for banana slugs. She was lonely now that her and Ryuu weren’t together anymore. Jason had demanded it after him and Blythe didn’t work out, and Camilla had reluctantly followed his commands. She had to admit, it wasn’t all Jason’s fault. She hadn’t trusted him enough and still didn’t. She was sure over the break he’d flirted with plenty of girls, just like he had flirted with her. She sniffed. Jason wouldn’t go with her, and wouldn’t allow her to go. She had to sneak out at nights, or when he was sleeping.

Shaking her head, she tried to focus on the forest around her. But, before she could remember what she was supposed to be doing, Camilla suddenly felt drowsy-perhaps for the first time in her entire life. She laid down on the mossy floor, the cookies next to her, and fell into a deep sleep. She was still sleeping this way until the sun rose… and school started.


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Elana Eboni Snow | Front of OUH
“Ungrateful Brat…” Elana Snow muttered darkly under her breath as she poured warm milk into a glass and set it in front of one of the seven children she was taking care of. They hadn’t been too fond of the chocolate milk and had thrown the glass onto the ground, breaking it. Now, Elana not only had to pour white milk for the toddler, she had to clean the glass shards off the ground, and in doing so, she had cut her fingers. She glared up at the child, who was drinking the milk happily. About d-mn time. She sighed and dumped the glass shards into the trash.

Elana was poor. Well, she wasn’t technically poor but she had to get permission from her mother if she wanted to use any of her money. And after running away from Elsa a year ago… there was no way her mother was going to let her borrow even a half-penny. So she had gotten a job. Slaving away for an old lady and her seven ungrateful kids in exchange for shelter, food scraps, and a bit of cash. Each kid was no older than six or seven but Elana hadn’t bothered to learn their ages. They were messy, dirty, and seemed to know how to do nothing except scream, cry, or complain. She was always running after them and cleaning their messes or meeting their demands. If she wasn’t fast enough, the old mother would scold her or chase her with a sandal. Luckily Elana could outrun her but still, it was a horrible way to live.

It was finally over. Her last morning of work. For once in her entire life, Elana felt relief in knowing she was going back to Once Upon a High. She poured a bowl of cereal for herself and began to chew. Last year at Once Upon a High had been…eventful. She’d actually gotten a girlfriend-Rachel. She smiled to herself, thinking of Rae’s kind brown eyes and silky black hair. Of course, the smile turned into a frown a moment after. Rae and her had broken up very soon after they met. They’d disagreed over everything-whether to make their relationship public, how Elana should act in public… The relationship had ended with many insulting words, and Elana still regretted what she had said to Rae-even though she didn’t consider herself in the wrong. She’d longed for Rae the rest of the year and all summer- wishing she could hold her hand, or cuddle her while she laid alone at night. She’d been sleeping under a thin sheet and on top of a cot that was just as thin, so being with Rae would’ve made everything better. Her phone was out of battery so she couldn’t have messaged Rae even if she wanted to.

“Girl!” The old woman snapped at Elana, jolting her out of her longing thoughts. “Are you deaf? Colby just said he needed more milk!” Elana looked at the ground. “Right away, ma’am.” The woman huffed and began to drink from her glass of fresh milk. “I oughta deduct your pay.” she mumbled. Elana hoped she wouldn’t. She barely had enough money saved to be able to afford food for the year. Plus, dance tickets and bedroom decor were almost necessary for her. After breakfast, Elana headed for the door, her bag slung over her shoulder. She was dressed in the uniform, which was wrinkled from being stowed away under her cot. She was tall, gangly, and frail, the uniform fit well in some parts, tight in others, loose in most. Her long grey hair was done up in a ponytail, and of course, her eyes were surrounded by black circles of makeup.

“You be lookin’ like a nightmare.” the old woman came up behind Elana, and Elana kept herself from rolling her eyes. It was hard. The woman put a few gold coins in Elana’s hand. “Here be your pay.” she croaked. Elana’s eyes almost fell out. “This is it?” The five small gold coins could hardly buy anything- probably just a blanket and pillow or a week’s worth of food. The old lady scowled at her. “I oughta take back those coins for the disrespect.” Elana pocketed the coins. “No need. Have a nice life.” She walked out the door, slamming it behind her. She began walking down the cracked road. The school was just a fifteen minute walk and she didn’t have a bus pass.She could see the top of the school coming into view and could hear students’ voices from miles away. She took a deep breath, and kept walking. F-ck everything…


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Tiara Eudora Naveen | Front of OUH
Tiara woke to the chirping of lovebirds outside her window. They were gorgeous birds, chartreuse with soft peachy bellies and gilded beaks. Speaking of beautiful- Tiara rolled over, coming nose to nose with her girlfriend- Alya Cheshire. Alya, ever the sleepyhead, was still curled up in bed, purple hair tangled in her face and a streak of drool across her chin. Tiara smiled lovingly and brushed the hair away. Even in this state, her girlfriend was still stunningly beautiful. I’m so lucky… she thought dreamily, sitting up and getting out of bed.

She decided to let Alya sleep in a bit- she would be impossible to wake up anyways. She took a quick shower, applied her hair and face products, and then did her makeup- going for more of a natural look she knew Alya loved. She felt a wave of anxiety travel through her body as she slipped into her school uniform. It had been a full three months since she’d worn it. Memories from the year flooded through her head, meeting Alya, winning Fall King and Queen with Bleiz, and of course Liam and Ace… she shook her head. There was still a few hours before she had to see Ace again, she could worry about it later.

She walked to the kitchen, which was a little too small in her opinion, and began to unpackage the ingredients she and Alya had bought at the grocery store a week ago. She would whip up Alya’s favorite breakfast meal, honey waffles drizzled with sticky syrup, coated with fluffy whipped cream, and topped off with fresh strawberries and blueberries from the gnomes’ garden. As she poured the batter into the waffle maker, she could hear Alya rustling the covers in their bedroom, probably having smelled the waffle mix with her cat-like senses.

During the summer break, Alya and Tiara had not left each other’s side. They had traveled from kingdom to kingdom, seeing places they had never seen, buying souvenirs, and going on adorable dates along the way. They ended their trip at a small gnome village just an hour away from their school. Right now, they were renting out a large hollowed-out mushroom. The rooms were a little small for the human girls, but luckily, Tiara and Alya were small enough to fit inside and live comfortably.

Tiara used a miniature fork to lift a stack of waffles onto a tiny plate. Just as she finished adding fruit toppings, Alya entered the kitchen. She yawned, showing her gleaming white teeth. Her makeup was done, and her hair was tied in two long fishtail braids. She hadn’t dressed in her uniform yet, she wore a thin silk bathrobe and fluffy lavender colored cat slippers. Tiara looked up, smiling at her. Alya sat herself at a tree stump bar stool and gazed at her plate hungrily. “Mmm… waffles…” she murmured, picking up the pint-sized utensils and digging in.

Tiara nervously waited for Alya’s review, although she was certain it would be positive. She sat down next to her girlfriend, and began picking away at her own breakfast, which was the same as Alya’s. Alya swallowed and wiped her mouth on a leafy napkin. “Babe.” She stared intensely into Tiara’s chocolate-colored eyes with her golden-green ones. “I’m so lucky. You’re seriously the best girlfriend ever.” Tiara giggled, taking a bite of her creation. The tartness of the berries combined with the sweetness of the syrup was perfect and made her hum with pleasure. “I think that title belongs to you.”

After finishing their waffles and packing their suitcases, they checked out of the mushroom and piled their belongings and selves into their carriage ride to the school. The worried feeling Tiara had tried to push down all vacation was rising quickly and she didn’t know how much longer she could put it off. She was scared to return to Once Upon a High. She let her hand find Alya’s. Their fingers intertwined and Tiara took a deep breath. Maybe everything will be fine… But the sickly feeling in the back of her head told her she was wrong.


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Cara Rogue DeVille | Front of OUH
It was five o’clock in the morning and Cara DeVille was already starting her day. She could hardly sleep because of the anxiety, even after drinking two cups of Golden Sandman Tea. So finally, she had rolled out of bed. It would take her forever to put together her outfit, looking flawless for the first day back was her top priority. She fiddled with the tips of her two-toned platinum and ebony locks, wondering how she might style it. Finishing her Sesame Seed bagel, Cara put her dishes in the sink and took a warm shower. When she finished, she put her hair in a towel turban, them carefully laid out each piece of her back to school look.

Fancy maroon uniform dress with matching cloak. The frilly white collar and cuffed sleeves with knee high socks to match. Cara took a long mahogany ribbon from her vanity, deciding she could wear it as a headband as an extra touch. She could already picture herself walking confidently back to school, holding everyone’s gaze, including Kai. She shook her head. That was just a silly daydream.

Cara had thought about her crush, Kai all summer. Messy golden hair, bright blue eyes, light laugh. He was just so amazing, she couldn’t stop hoping someday he might care about her the same way. She pinched her cheek to snap out of her longing thoughts. We’re friends. Just friends. And that’s fine. She had wanted to ask him to hang out the entire three months, but he looked so crestfallen and she was so nervous, she decided it’d be best not to try. The only other thing she’d done that summer relating to being social was taking a short girl’s trip to Charming Beach with Kai’s younger sister Callie. They had hung out at the beach all day, and talked all night, doing each other’s makeup and hair. They had gone shopping for new swimsuits and Summer clothes, and spent hours at the hotel spa. Besides that, she hadn’t done much during the summer, except design some new clothes and practice makeup.

Cara pulled the enchanted towel turban off her head. It’s magic had already dried her hair and put it in barrel-like curls. She dressed in her uniform, using pins to make sure it looked exactly the way she wanted. She stood before her full-length mirror, admiring herself. She looked good. She had tied the ribbon from earlier into her hair, making a bow on the top of her head. Her lipstick matched the bow perfectly, and her eyeliner was flawlessly winged. With a toss of her curls, she turned off her light and headed downstairs. Her suitcases were already packed by the door, and her carriage was waiting. She didn’t bother saying goodbye to her mother, who was passed out on the couch.

The drive to Once Upon a High was quick, and in what seemed like a minute, she was stepping out, wheeling her suitcase behind her. Turning her head from side to side, she could see students-old and new swarming the front of the school, talking, on their phones, sitting on benches, wheeling their own suitcases… She felt incredibly claustrophobic weaving through the crowd. Shaking her head, she tried to regain the morning’s confidence and smiled as she walked towards the school doors.


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Jason Cliff Gaston | Front of School
Jason’s chocolate and honey swirled eyes fluttered open at the crack of dawn, or in other words, at 5 AM. He hadn’t been able to catch a good night’s sleep all summer. Annoyed, he flicked on his bedroom lamp, and looked around for Camilla. She wasn’t in her sleeping bag, where she was supposed to be. He snorted, in annoyed disbelief. Of course she wasn’t. He just hoped she wasn’t with that Ryuu kid. He needed to keep a better eye on her, maybe put something on the doors.

Knowing he wasn’t going to get any more sleep, Jason slid out of bed and began getting ready for the day. After a long, hot shower, he put on his uniform -which still fit like a glove- and sprayed on some cologne, which had the faint smell of a mossy forest. Rolling up Camilla’s wrinkled pink sleeping bag, he remembered his summer, which had gone by in seemingly a flash.

Blythe hadn’t talked to him since Caela came around and he couldn’t explain what had happened- being such a coward. Having nothing to do, he’d hibernated in his dorm all break, eating five dollar pizzas and cheap sodas from the Castleteria. And of course, he’d made Camilla stay with him. He wouldn’t let her go out, he wouldn’t be able to watch and protect her if she did. Of course, that sneaky little thing had left anyways, when he was napping or sleeping, and sometimes when he was in the bathroom.

Hopefully not to meet, Ryuu Stone, Blythe’s best friend. They had broken up before the summer, but you never knew with Camilla. That’s why he needed to make decisions for her. She was clueless and someone like Ryuu would’ve surely take advantage of her. Plus, he didn’t want his sister getting all lovey-dovey when he had no one. He needed someone to be miserable with him, and he had to pick his younger sister. To make things worse, Caela, his ex girlfriend, died after combining two chemicals that shouldn’t have been combined. Although Jason had no feelings whatsoever for that lying witch, she had been his friend in the past, so it had set him off.

He still had some pepperoni pizza slices left over from the weekend, so he popped a few slices in the microwave and began tidying up the kitchen. He was naturally pretty organized, most of the mess had been made by his sister and her cooking antics. He smiled and shook his head, brushing flour into his hands and dumping it into the trash can.

When he was full and his dorm was clean, Jason packed his and Camilla’s suitcases and left the dorm. It was a new year and he was very interested to see what would happen… He walked to the front of the school, pulling both suitcases behind him, looking for Camilla.


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Petra Lily Pan | Front of OUH
“Excuse me!” Petra Pan called out for the fifth time, trying to inch past a crowd of students in front of her. She had been trying to get by the group for ten minutes straight. Unfortunately, her voice was barely-a-whisper and everyone was talking so loudly, no one could hear her, even if she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Petra was dressed in school uniform, a maroon cloak and dress with thick woolen tights, brown hunter’s boots, and a matching hair bow. Her reddish hair was pin-straight and hung to her back. She’d even added a touch of blush and lip gloss to her freckled face to look decent on her first day.

Over the summer, shy Petra hadn’t done much. She’d been much too nervous to ask the cute girl she’d met-Zarina anywhere or even get her number. She didn’t have many friends other than that except Caoimhe. But it didn’t matter much anyways since she had returned to Neverland with her brother Jason Gaston for the entire summer. The only thing she had done was paint. And she’d done a lot of that. She hadn’t forgotten her problem to Caoimhe- to paint something gorgeous, flawless, beautiful, that inspired her. During her break, she’d painted the beautiful Caoimhe- probably the thing that inspired her the most. She’d used things from the nature around her-the canvas was a large sheet of bark, Caoimhe’s pale face was painted using chalk and crumbled soil, and her hair with crushed berries and cave paints. She was lying in a field, smiling blissfully, her brilliant fuchsia hair billowing around her entire body. Animals and crushed plants surrounded her body, seeming to peer curiously at the girl who was dressed in an iridescent Grecian-themed gown. Petra had captured this scene perfectly-she had never felt so motivated and proud of her work. She was now holding the canvas with her, a silk sheet keeping it from the hungry eyes of others as she edged through the crowd.

That morning, she had scrambled to get ready, shoving her clothes, paints, pencils and sketchbooks into her suitcase before throwing herself together, saying goodbye to the mermaids, faires, and lost boys. Then her and Jakob sprinkled themselves with pixie dust and they were off-flying towards OUH. They hadn’t talked at all the whole flight, and Petra was fine with that. She wanted nothing to do with him and there wasn’t anything to talk about with him anyways. Once they’d landed, she walked right in the other direction, and now here she was, trapped between masses of students. Feeling incredibly claustrophobic, Petra ducked her head, hoping it would all be over soon.


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Tatiana Winifred Bell | Front of School
Tatiana flew out of bed. Literally flew. Being the daughter of Tinker Bell, she had iridescent green wings coming out of her back. Her murky blue eyes were wide with panic, her sandy blonde hair tatted in her face. Her skin was a nightmare, and her clothes were covered with stains from meals dating back to last month. Schnitzel! It’s Monday already?! Slowly lowering her feet to the ground, Tatiana examined herself in the mirror. Her eyes shifted to her alarm clock, which was buried under dozens of plush animals. She exhaled in relief. She still had about an hour to clear out her dorm for whoever was going to live there next and get ready for Orientation.

She took a lightning speed shower, threw on her uniform, which was crumpled on the floor, and got to work. There was a ton to do. She really hadn’t made any friends over the year except Carolina and Violet, but she was much too shy to bother them. She couldn’t shake the feeling they probably wouldn’t actually want to hang out with her, and would only do so out of pity. Instead of making an effort to be social, Tatiana had been a complete couch potato. She’d binged thirty different Fairyflix shows and eaten so many bags of chips and candies, they completely covered the dorm floor. Her kitchen was littered with napkins and pizza boxes. Disgusting! She rolled her eyes. Why was she such a slob? Luckily, whoever her roommate was didn’t seem to be around often so they didn’t have to see this horrible mess. Tatiana promised herself she would try to be more organized this year.

After what seemed like ages (and a few concealing spells), The dorm was decently clean and she was twenty minutes late for Orientation. She glanced over at herself as she passed the full length mirror hanging in the bedroom. She looked slightly disheveled, but other than that she looked decent. Tatiana didn’t think she was particularly beautiful. With her tiny height, big hips, and stubby legs, she wasn’t built the way most girls she knew were. Her lips were cracked and quite thin, and her face was dotted with thousands of freckles, which she despised. Her hair was untamable and usually pulled behind her head with a hair tie. She turned away from the mirror, telling herself no one really cared how she looked anyways.

She locked the door behind her, goodbye dorm 23! Then she rushed downstairs and to the front of the school.


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Felix Sage Color x Jackie Opalescence Colour | Front of OUH
Felix’s heart was thumping. The chariot he and his sibling-Jackie were riding in was bumpy and his stomach ached. Am I going to throw up? Zeus, please don’t let me throw up before my first day of school, please… Feeling queasy, he glanced out the window, trying to admire the view, but it just made him even more fearful. They were so high up, much above the clouds. What if the chariot stopped working and they fell? Or a bird pooped on them? That would be simply disgusting- he didn’t know how he could get such cursed germs off of himself. He slouched in his seat, his eyes scanning the sky for birds. No birds… yet. He ran his fingers through his curly brown mop of hair, hoping it was still perfectly gelled. Then he glanced to Jackie, his sibling.

Jackie’s hand was clutched around the necklace hanging from their neck. A thin gold chain with a tiny heart shaped charm. It had been a present from their first boyfriend- Lukas on their anniversary. He had cheated on them-several times. They really had no idea why the necklace hung around their neck- weren’t they over his pathetic behind? Jackie’s other hand rested in their lap, clenching into a fist, and then unclenching. They weren’t sure about this new school-but they had to get away from the drama-from Lukas-just from everything. Jackie wore their choice of uniform-the male’s suit and jacket, the female’s skirt, sneakers, and lacy socks. Their two-toned hair was clipped back with white barrettes and their round, over-sized glasses framed their blue-grey eyes. It was frustrating there wasn’t a non-binary uniform, as the skirt and jacket looked slightly strange together, and Jackie knew it would get them questioning looks and strange inquiries. Still, it felt a lot better than wearing full dress and cloak or the entire suit, they supposed.

“Jackie” Jackie glanced at their brother, who had a serious and unamused glance on his face. “You said you got rid of that.” Jackie looked down, realizing they were holding the locket again. It was a bad habit-but they didn’t want to take it off. As if something bad would happen to them or someone would get angry if they did. “Ah…” they murmured. “I just thought it matched, you know?” Felix frowned. “This is a school for new beginnings. You shouldn’t wear something to remind you of your old life…” Felix’s dusty green eyes narrowed at the locket. It was a constant reminder of how much pain Jackie’s ex had put them through. It was his fault they had to go to some boarding school instead of a school with all their friends. Jackie nodded. “Yeah, I know. I’ll put it away.” Slowly, they unclasped the necklace, feeling empty as they did so.

“Putting it away… that’s not good enough…” Felix gently took the necklace from his sibling, and tossed it over the side of the chariot. Jackie was stunned. They were usually calm and collected-not wanting to make a scene but they were so caught off-guard by Felix’s actions, they almost dove off the side of the chariot to retrieve the locket. Felix grabbed Jackie around the waist. “Jackie, stop.” Jackie’s eyes were wide. “Why… why did you do that?” they spoke. Their heart felt empty and their chest felt cold without the familiar thump and swing of the necklace against their chest. “You’ll thank me later.” Felix said, more coldly than he intended. “I know what’s best. I always have. Especially when I told you to break up with that-” Jackie turned away to hide their eyes, welling up with tears. Felix stopped. He knew Jackie hated it when he reminded them he was the right one all along. “Listen…” he said. “Just…don’t.” Jackie murmured, playing with the folds of the uniform skirt.

Sighing, Felix turned away, rubbing sanitizer into his hands since he’d just touched the necklace-which had surely been touched plenty of times by Jackie and Lukas. He felt bad, but he was the right one.

The chariot landed, and Jackie hopped out, looking up at the tall castle-of-a-school. How brilliant! A rare smile broke out across their face and they couldn’t help racing towards it, dragging their suitcases behind them.


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Jorisse "Jordan" Keller | Gates of OUH
Trigger Warning : Gender/Body Dysmorphia
Disgusting. When Jorisse Keller looked into the mirror, all he saw was the body of a repulsive girl-who was him. He hated this body-it wasn’t right. He was standing, wearing the red dress and cloak emblazoned with the OUH logo. He wore black flats, white lacy socks, and makeup. And of course, the hair extensions. They were platinum blonde, and allowed his hair to flow down to his waist. But it wasn’t him. He had seen his brother’s uniform yesterday-a white suit, and matching jacket. A frilly collar with black dress shoes and neat hair. Jorisse would give almost anything to wear that uniform. Joringel knocked at the door. “Jorisse? Can I come in?” Making sure his hair extensions were intact, Jorisse called out, “Sure!” Joringel stepped in. She was short, blonde, and had deep dimples with curly ringlets. Her eyes were welling up with tears. “You look so beautiful,” his mother choked, wrapping him in a hug. “Thanks…” Jorisse said uneasily. He didn’t feel beautiful, he felt fake and uncomfortable.

“You’re just going to love Once Upon a High-great reviews, great opportunities.” She nudged Jorisse playfully. “Maybe you’ll even meet a husband there?” Jorisse tried not to groan. He wasn’t looking for a husband. Besides, what kind of man would accept him when he couldn’t even accept himself? “Yeah, maybe!” He giggled, disgusted with himself at the high pitched noise. “I want to focus more on studies, though.” It was half a lie, but also true. Jorisse loved reading, writing, and mathematics. He always loved to study them while being home-schooled, asking his mother for extra information and picking up books on the subject from the town library. There wasn’t much time for relationships. But staying focused on school had become more of an excuse from getting involved in a relationship he wasn’t ready for. Part of him longed to meet someone that would accept him for who he was and love him unconditionally. He had never really had that.

“Come on, breakfast is ready.” Joringel said, taking Jorisse’s cold hand in hers and leading him downstairs. She had made him pancakes with fruit and whipped cream- a back-to-school meal fit for royalty. Jorisse looked guiltily down at his plate, knowing Jorin, his brother’s definitely had less whipped cream and less-ripe fruits. He always got the best- his mother’s favorite. He slowly ate his breakfast, each swallow feeling like a cold stone in his throat. He was nervous about the year. Would he get made fun of? Hit on by guys who didn’t even know him? His heart sank. Probably. He didn’t expect this school to be any different from his village. Washing his plate in the sink, as he was expected to, Jorisse stood by the front door and waited for Jorin. After bidding their parents tearful goodbyes, they got into the carriage for Once Upon a High.

Jorisse looked wistfully out the window, watching the cabin get smaller and smaller until it was nothing at all. Then he began to write. It would be a long journey and he had a lot of emotions he needed to get onto paper before they drifted away like a bird.


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Kaden Patience Lockes | Hallways of OUH
The rays of sun crept through the curtains and under Kaden Lockes’s eyelids, signaling it was morning. He yawned, rolling over and away from the light. He could hear birds chirping, and the scampering of forest animals and he could smell… porridge. His mother, Goldilockes cooked porridge for every meal. After discovering it in the bear’s cabin, it had become her favorite-and only meal. Over the break, Kaden had porridge for every meal-breakfast, lunch, desert. It smelled a bit better than normal today, with traces of cinnamon and berries but Kaden worried if he had to force down another bowl of the stuff he’d make himself sick. I’ll just eat at school. He thought, getting to his feet, finally relenting to the sun’s demands. He slipped into the unitorm-a white and gold suit with a matching jacket and a frilly collar. It fit him perfectly-and looked rather good. After styling his hair and applying deodorant and cologne, Kaden headed downstairs, where his mother and father were spooning porridge into their mouths.

“Good morning, dear! I made porridge!” Goldilockes beamed at her son, gesturing to the bowl of brown slop at Kaden’s place at the Lockes’s dinner table. Kaden tried not to gag. “Ah, thank you mother…but I think I’ll grab a bite to eat at school. I’m already a bit behind anyways.” Goldilockes sniffed, seeming offended. “Your loss,” Kaden’s dad mumbled, swallowing another mouthful. Kaden chuckled, and started packing his backpack, which was already filled with extra uniforms, clothes, and fresh school supplies. After tossing in a bag of protein powder, instant porridge, and his toothbrush, he decided he was ready. Plus, the dorms already had plenty of supplies he could use. He kissed his parents goodbye, and then began the road trip to Once Upon a High.

The trip was leisurely but quick. It was nice to drive through the forest, listen to his favorite classical music, and just mentally prepare himself for going back to Once Upon a High. Over the break, his parents had wanted him to stay home-so he hadn’t got to spend much time with anyone. Although, he hadn’t made many friends that year anyways. The only person he’d really gotten to know was Alicia. Alicia Liddel. Gorgeous, blonde, eyes sparkling… Kaden had to admit he was smitten with her. He remembered their trip to the orchestra, decorating her dorm, having long conversations. He wished he had gotten her number! There was still so much he didn’t know about her but he hoped he’d win her over… someday.

Kaden parked at the gates of the school, letting the valet take his keys to drive his car to the student parking. He slung his worn duffel bag over his shoulder and smiled up at the old school. It had been a while but it was good to be back. He began walking towards the front desk, looking around to see all the changes as he did. There were new, tall trees, and many groups of new students. Kaden grinned and waved at them as he walked. “Welcome!” he called to some of them. He couldn’t wait to get to know them!


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Shan Li Jun | Front of OUH
Shan Li Jun stood at the top of the mountain, shivering with cold. It was winter in China, so he was up to his calves in fluffy snow. He wore only his new uniform, which was clean and free of wrinkles. It seemed to make him appear smart and classy-a white and gold suit with neat hair. With the uniform he wore sneakers and his round wire glasses-he couldn’t see five feet away without them. Unfortunately, dressing in the uniform meant he was freezing. Li held his bare hands to his face, breathing on them in hopes of warming them up. He could feel the snow seeping into his socks and melting. It was uncomfortable. He was waiting for his ride, a soldier on horseback to come riding up, where he would be whisked away to his new school-Once Upon a High. Thinking about the possibilities filled his stomach with excitement.

The soldier arrived and apologized for being late. He was young looking and older, with thick black hair pulled into a bun and almond-shaped eyes. “It’s-it’s fine.” Li choked out, turning red and looking away. Why did they have to send the most attractive soldier? The soldier shook the horse’s reins, and they were off-racing through the snow. Li yelped, grabbing the soldier around the waist. His face was bright red against the pale snow, and he was shaking from the cold and from the closeness of the soldier. He had never been so close to any man except the village boys, who picked on him. This felt different than that though-loving and protective. Li knew that he had feelings for men. But he had never been able to experience this, as his mother was against homosexuality. He’d hidden part of who he was all his life. Now, holding onto the soldier, he felt ashamed, like his mother was watching and shaking her head. He let go and steadied himself by gripping the saddle.

Li was lucky to be attending Once Upon a High. His mother had researched endlessly before even considering allowing him to go. Were there scholarships involved? What classes were there? Was it safe? Finally, she let him choose. And he’d surprised himself by choosing to attend. Inside, he longed for freedom. To explore who he was, to act like a normal teenager, to learn new things… Now he was finally doing it and he couldn’t help but break into a huge grin and threw his arms into the air. Freedom felt so beautiful. The cold wind whistled, blowing against his face and through his hair, and it felt good. He could hear the soldier chuckling as he tossed the reins again.

Finally, they reached the beaches of China. “Hold your breath…” the soldier warned, and then shaking the reins of his poor horse, he dove into the water. Li gurgled with fright. What was happening? Why was the soldier drowning the three of them? He closed his eyes and curled up, waiting for it all to be over. Suddenly, he felt odd, like he was slipping through warm jello. He opened his eyes to find he was standing before a wrought iron gate. A plate read, Once Upon a High. I must’ve entered some kind of portal! It worked! His eyes widened as he took off his glasses to make sure this was real. The school still stood before him, so he put back on the spectacles. Leaping into the air with excitement, he ran through the gates.


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Starr Eleven Minor | Gates of OUH
There it is! Starr Minor was soaring through the air, searching anxiously for the big white building he had spent most of his time at last year. It had finally come into view, like a lighthouse in the middle of a rainstorm. Starr allowed himself to glide down towards the school. Standing by the gates, he panted and wagged his tail in excitement. It was finally here! He’d spent the whole summer looking for it after he’d accidentally flown into the middle of nowhere while sleeping. He barked, running around and looking for Peanut. He felt bad he had left her without meaning to. There were lots of new smells. Starr sniffed the air excitedly, yipping and chasing his tail.


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Jakob Peter Pan | Front of OUH
“Can we fly a little lower? It’s hard to breathe.” Jakob Pan’s fingers were entwined with his sister, Petra’s. They were flying through the air, high above the clouds. He had no idea where they were, they had already flown past the second star. It had probably been an hour since, and he was getting impatient. Besides, if they flew lower, not only would he be able to breathe, Once Upon a High could come into view. Perla said nothing. Jakob couldn’t read her expression since her head was turned away from him. All he could see was her mane of red hair whipping behind her in the harsh gusts of wind. He could’ve sworn he felt her fingers tighten around his, as if his speaking to her made her even more timid than she normally was. He waited a moment, but she still hadn’t replied or made any movement downwards. He sighed in annoyance, but didn’t push it. She knew what she was doing. She was Petra. Perfect, organized, Petra Lily Pan.

Jakob was using his other hand to hold his duffel bag, which would have been heavy if it weren’t for the pixie dust he’d sprinkled over it that morning. It didn’t contain much, just an extra uniform, some clothes, class supplies, and protein bars. Also pixie dust. Lots of pixie dust. His sister’s bag was much bigger, more than half her size in height and four times her width. It looked like she could fit inside. Figured, she had packed all of her art supplies, plenty of clothes, and lots of various trinkets from her bedroom. His sister got so homesick. Jakob rolled his eyes. She didn’t belong at Once Upon a High if she was attempting to bring all of Neverland with her!

Finally, Petra started flying slower and dipping below the clouds. Getting excited, Jakob did the same. Finally, the school was shaping into view, almost hidden by the dense forest. Jakob grinned, looking excitedly at his sister, who ignored him. He began flying faster, dragging his poor sister after him. They settled on the ground. Petra picked sticks out of her hair, shooting him an “are you serious?!” look. Jakob shrugged, and grinned cheesily. “Catch ya later sis! These hot new students are calling my name!” He headed towards the gate, whistling a merry tune, and inspecting all the new meat.


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