Fake Apology Post

Hi. So before it looked super confusing so let me explain. A fake apology is when a highly followed influencer ( that thinks they’re better than everybody else and can do whatever they want) makes an apology video but they don’t actually mean it so they pretend to cry and just accuse other people to make more drama.

In the replies somebody will make a title like

I’m sorry for stealing her makeup. . .

then the person underneath will make a post using the information like

"I know I stole her makeup and that was a horrible thing. . . I am so sorry BUT Amanda actually stole it from Suzy first so that makes her the bad guy. . .

then you make another title for somebody else


First comment: I’m sorry about your dog. . .

Second comment: Dear everybody watching this, I am so so sorry for adopting her dog without knowing it was hers, the only reason I didn’t know was because she doesn’t care about Bubbles and didn’t put a collar!

How it all started, I’m sorry.

Third comment: It all started when I met Jake, he was amazing until he stole my boyfriend so I never talked to him again. I was the victim. Anyways my merch is 30% off!!

Why I don’t like Amber. . .


I’m still trying to get this game :thinking::sweat_smile:


I don’t like Amber because she tried to manipulate my best friend out of jealousy

I will trust my boyfriend/girlfriend over my best friend


Even though my bf/gf cheated on me

I got really mad at my best friend because I though she betrayer my trust

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I’m sorry for crashing and destroying your party…


But I had to because I wanted to catch Ken red handed. I knew he was in some shady business, he was trying to sell drugs to some people in your party.

I am sorry I had to kick you out…


But then again, I didn’t really want you there in the first place. But my mom said if I wanted to have the party I had to invite everyone, so I’m like sorry for kicking you out…Just not really

I’m sorry for stealing your lunch…

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I was really hungry and forgot my lunch box. Noori said you always buy extra food from cafeteria and don’t eat the food in your lunch box, so yeah I ate it.

I am sorry to interfere in your personal matter…

But you kept sticking your nose in my beeswax so I only thought a taste of your own medicine would fix this!

I am sorry for being rude…

But Kellan gave me the wrong information and I was furious

I am sorry I kissed your brother…

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But you’re not dating your brother, are you? I am!

I’m sorry I stole your cookie jar…

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But honestly, you put the cookie jar right there, for EVERYONE to see. Technically, it wasn’t my fault!
I’m sorry I stole your phone…

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But I bought it, not you!

And I really am sorry that I took up all of your phone’s storage with Episode and Episode screenshots, but I’m still the one who spent the money!

I’m sorry that I burned down your house…

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But it was kind of ugly, and my house looks totally better, so your house was just making mine look bad, so honestly I actually did you a favor

Sorry for stealing your wallet…

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I didn’t see any credit cards in there or anything important, so you should take better responsibility of your belongings.

I didn’t notice that your grades…

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…were overwhelmingly average, and, frankly, I don’t care. You should try less so I have something to use against you.
I’m sorry that I stuffed 11 cookies into the VCR…

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But you spend so much time on it anyway!