Fake credits at the end of a chapter?

As a bit of a joke bonus feature would you watch some real and credits at the end of a chapter for example you add credits for anyone helped you but also add credits for characters as if they were actors eg

Charlotte Johnson as Tara
Jack williams as Thomas
Etc etc with some music

Or even some fake bloopers from the chapter where things go wrong while practicing?


Personally, I wouldn’t (:

Only because if u leave the chapter on some form of cliff hanger, I would be much more interested on what happens surrounding that cliff hanger than I would be to read some random unnecessary credits that are just there to do something like lengthen the chapter or ‘as a joke’ (:

Honestly, it’s similar to the debate ‘long intros?’. It depends if people are willing to read through these ‘fake’ credits or if they’d rather just read the chapter with as little interruptions as possible (:


I think this could be cute depending on how the rest of your story is framed. If it’s a story with no CC, no choices, and directed cinematically (with opening scene with the title, opening credits), and just overall is meant to give a TV show vibe I say go for it! But if it’s just a standard episode story it would feel out of place. I think you either need to lean into it as a TV show, or not do it at all :slight_smile:


I think it’s a great idea! But I also agree with @anon6748744

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I completely agree with @anon6748744 on this one :monkey_face:

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