Fake fanmail? Help

Hello, for the past month I’ve received 2 fanmails that got me thinking.

I don’t know if these are real or programmed fanmail to get writers to write more, The names aren’t that original either, Jennifer and ricky, no last name or something like “Ricky Episode” or “Jennifer Writes”. Who knows? Maybe I’m being too paranoid, it’s just that I have 85 reads atm and it just seems suspicious to me, I don’t want to be happy over something that’s not real:(.

But my question is "Has anyone gotten these?" or do you think they’re genuine? Thanks by the way.

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I think they are real

They are real, and most of the time you can search up these people on the app.

The one exception is when they don’t have an account and can type in any name they want.

Pretty sure they are real. I think the emails Episode send around are enough that they wouldn’t be bothered to create fanmail to encourage people to keep writing. Plus, I think if they were to do that, they’d use correct punctuation


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I dunno… don’t they use words like IDK in featured stories like In My Bed!!!
I wouldn’t put it past them to use terrible punctuation in fake fanmail :rofl:

Jokes aside, I’m pretty sure those are real but sometimes you can get multiple fanmails from the same person under different names (hit the “block” button and you’ll be able to see all fanmail that one person sent you). Also I’ve had “fanmail” left before a story even had any reads before lol so I wonder sometimes if people get bored and just go leaving generic fanmail on people’s stories.

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I don’t think those are fake :slight_smile:

Yay to your first fanmails!