Fake fanmail? :/

I rarely got fanmail when I started writing and when I got some, I always got some more reads first, so I knew someone was reading my story and then sent fanmail.
Now I haven’t been publishing for two weeks and I didn’t expect to get any fanmail. But now I got some fanmail which seems fake to me.
It’s more than I usually got although I didn’t get that many more reads. And it’s often something that doesn’t fit to my story (e.g. “the end was great, I didn’t expect it” although my story is still at the beginning)
Could it be that those are really fake fanmails? Maybe bots like they appear on forums as well? Does anyone else have those weird fanmails?


I don’t know if episode has bots … they might

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I havent experienced this

What is the completition? N/A or more epepisodes to come

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more episodes to come

But it’s not only that, one for example said that she/he like that the MC can be customized, but in my story I don’t give the chance to do that…


That is a bit weird.
@Jeremy might have more understanding


Based on some of the topics and post’s I have seen on the forums here that tend to have no rhyme or reason for them…I wouldn’t be surprised if they were not fake and just user’s not able to express their opinions in a manner that makes sense :wink:

If these fanmails are negative or harassing in nature please let me know via PM. Thanks.