Fake social media! [CLOSED]

Hi! :blush:

I’m here to assist you with some good old fake social media accounts for your story!

Just fill out the format and I’ll get to it!

Types I’m willing to do!



Type of social media;
Contact picture;
Contact name;
Where to send finished work;

Example format

Type of social media; Whatsapo message
Contact picture; image
Contact name; Bob
Trisha- hey bob!
Bob- hey
Trisha- how’s your day?
Bob- fine with these awesome stories on episode!
Where to send finished work; PM please!


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I change the name of the stuff to EpiTweets, EpiGram, MsgInteractive, ect.


Instagram, T-Mobile and LTE won’t get approved.
However, these are good :ok_hand:t4:


Can you make me a text message one? I had a girl make me one yesterday but she put the phone network brand on the top so it wont get approved. The message needs to say “Look behind you” from Kayla.

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So Kayla is sending it?

Sorry I’m getting back to you so late, but yes.

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can i get something like that?? heres the pfp

contact name: lani <3

time: 4:06 am
lani: Boss said coast is clear, meet @ hideout.

n/a: you know you dont have to call him boss right? :joy:

lani: I know but its a habit Lyss ;// now get here b4 Athena finds another bestfriend.

(dont add the name i put w the messages, i jus put it there so yk which one is he one whos replying & the one who owns the phone haha)

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tysm !

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(Wrong contact name)

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thanks girly

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Thank you!

omg love this! Can you make the same for me too?

This is the pfp:

Contact name: LAUREL :crazy_face::two_hearts:
Time: 2:48 am

Laurel: Are you home yet? im bord :neutral_face:

then at 3:15 am

Laurel: Jeez, how long is it taking? :roll_eyes:

You don’t have to put the names above the messages :crazy_face:

Kk :>

Can i get one similar to if you was checking your messages on instagram with one message saying hey

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I don’t think the app I use has DMs.

I could make your dating profile one!

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