FallenAngelNight Appreciation Thread

Since we have quite a few appreciation threads for forum members, I figured we really miss one for you, @FallenAngelNight13.

I’ve noticed you haven’t been that active lately and I got to say I love reading your posts and your discussion threads that have always made the forums a better place. I remember that your threads were the first reason why I decided to stay, and I really miss them.
I was hoping you’ve been just busy and stuff but today I noticed this:

And I was like :pleading_face: And I’m pretty close to :cry:


This thread is long overdue. Fallen was basically the whole reason I ever commented on the forums because their topics were always so thought provoking. I appreciate @FallenAngelNight13 so much for getting the forums to be more than just a place to promote stories :kissing_heart:


She left? Why?


i don’t know him/her but i hope they’re doing okay and i appreciate them regardless of if i know them or not :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Well, she liked the thread so… I hope she didn’t :blush:


Yes, she has the best posts with amazing feature requests and other cool topics :sunglasses: We appreciate you :heart:

P.S I checked out webpages of the old Forums before and I saw your account so that was cool XD


@Annieways, @amberose, @JemU776

yall are so sweet and adorable. I wasn’t expecting anyone to see my… uh… updated summary so I wasn’t sure what to reply when I saw this post.

Still not sure how to reply.

I figured it was time to retire my FallenAngelNight13 account… I kept it active mainly for roleplays but my closest group of RP-friends have left the forums and there isn’t the same ‘spark’ there to actively participate in RPs anymore.

I do love the Discussions and Let’s Talk About… trend which I some reason started and I hope the next generation of forumers will keep the Discussions lively. (if they don’t… I’m coming back to flag posts)

I’ll def come back once and awhile to add IMPLEMENTED DATE on my feature requests… but otherwise I think I’ll lurk from the shadows.

Love, Fallen


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