Falling in Love with Twin Princes

Hey guys I’m come up with a new story that will be release sometime in September 2019.
Here is a liittle bit of the information of the story.
There are three main kingdoms in my story.

France (rule by The Tudor family)
King George William Tudor
Queen Beatrice Anne Tudor
Prince Indulf Alexander Tudor
Prince Kenneth Edward Tudor
Princess Yasmin Albertine Tudor
Princess Catherine Victoria Tudor
Princess Diana Grace Tudor
Princess Helena Mary Tudor
Princess Carolin Eleanor Tudor

Italy (rule by The Windsor family)
King Richard Louis Windsor
Queen Charlotte Elizabeth Windsor
Princess Sophia Rania Windsor
Prince Henry Nicholas Windsor
Prince Philip Xavier Windsor
Prince Artur Victor Windsor
Prince James Micael Windsor
Prince Charles Octavius Windsor


Poland (rule by Saxe_Coburg_Go)
King Alfred Edgar Saxe_Coburg_Go
Queen Adela Camilla Saxe_Coburg_Go
Prince Dexter Harry Saxe_Coburg_Go
Princess Zara Xenia Saxe_Coburg_Go
Princess Rosalind Savabbah Saxe_Coburg_Go
Princess Christina Isabella Saxe_Coburg_Go

Those are the main family and character in the story you will see must often.

The twin princes are Indulf and Kennet Tudor
The princess / main character is Sophia Windsor
Her Ex-boyfriend/jealous prince Dexter

I want some idea I have the main plot but I need help figure out how to start the first chapter and how to introduce the characters.
if anyone want to or can help me out please dm/pm me on instagram @elizabethrose.episode or on here but instagram wil be better.

And can you guys tell me if you will read this story and if I should allow reader to customize they character because then it will be limited customize I can allow or the art wouldn’t work with this story and it will funny. Let me know your guys idea and I would love to see if I can make some friend on here along the way.

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So… many… characters…

I love when there’s 7000 characters!
That wasn’t even sarcastic I just love characters :joy:

This looks really interesting. And kind of like this Frankenstein musical I wrote up one time weirdly enough :joy:

I want to help but I really don’t even know where to start :laughing:

I would read this. If we would have full cc of ALL main characters & families of MCs

Okay thanks for the input I’m len more toward have full cc of the main family along with the main characters.

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Thanks for the input