Family and mc cusomization

So I saw that dara amarie explained how to do it but i dont understand. What I mean is the thing where when you customize mc it changes their family aswell. Has anyone used this in their story and can paste the script they used here so i can use it? I’ll credit you :slight_smile: i just dont understand how to do it. Thank you!

You basically need to ‘copy’ each customization command for every family member, like this:

@ MC changes bodyColor to Rose 04
@ MOM changes bodyColor to Rose 04
@ DAD changes bodyColor to Rose 04

I know it’s kinda time consuming but it’s the only way. :woman_shrugging:t3:

But note that any features other than colors don’t work for opposide genders obviously :slight_smile:

Okay thank you! This is gonna be time consuming I have o do it for mc and both love interests ahh

Or! For same gender only:
@ MOM becomes MC
And then change the features you don’t want them to have the same, like a Mature face for the mther etc.

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