Family CC with only skin and lip tone?

I am currently creating a story where the main character is customizable and I would only like the parents of the character to have matching skin and lip tones. I have seen templates that allow for everything (hair, eyes, lip, eyebrow etc) to change as the character changes but can someone help me with finding a template that only matches the skin and lip shades? I have no idea how to manually code it myself. lol :sweat:


I think your best bet would be to ask for natural hair and lip color at the very end of customization. I can always make that for you, so just PM if you’re interested ◡̈

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Could you? Thank you so much! I’ll message you.

I’ve seen that, I was just a little confused by it. If I were to use @CHARACTER becomes, would that go underneath each cc choice?

No it’s a one time code you use after the CC template

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