Family creation help needed

i need someone to create my LI family

  • Mum & dad
  • brorher & sister

this is what he looks like


I’d love to help you ,but I need a bit details about the character like ;

  • character’s parents age
  • his brother or sister’s age
  • are his siblings twins?
  • would you want the MC to look more like his father or mother or both?
  • any other details you want
  • do want his sister or brother to look more liketheir dad or mum?

If you don’t want to give that much details in here then feel free to PM me<3

He is 25 (LI)
Brother is 18 like the my MC
Sister is 13
He looks more like his dad

Mum and dad are both 50

But look younger

MC's father

MC's mother

MC's brother

MC's sister

Are these okay?I tried to make the parents look as young as I could,I mean they are 50 still they would look a littlleee bit old.
If you want me to make any changes feel free to ask<3

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they are perfect can you PM me their details please <3

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