Family Customization: help please LOL!

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if someone can help me with the template for customizing family members to look like the MC.

I’m trying to follow the Dara.Amarie template with the @CHARACTER2 becomes CHARACTER1 but I’m sooo confused.

I’m assuming I have to put the two characters on the screen to customize at the same time, and then within the MC’s customization template, do I literally have to add EVERY OPTION for it to work? For example:


“Gold 05” {

@MC changes bodyColor into Gold 5
@SISTER changes bodyColor into Gold 5

} “Gold 06” {

@MC changes bodyColor into Gold 06
@SISTER changes bodyColor into Gold 06

} “Gold 07” {

@MC changes bodyColor into Gold 07
@SISTER changes bodyColor into Gold 07


But if I want the sister to have a different hair style, face shape, nose, etc…where and how do I put this into the template?

Also, if I wanted to customize the mom to have similar features, can this all be done within the MC’s customization template or no?

Thanks for your help! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Take a moment to read through my guide all the way. All of your questions are answered there.

Duplicates & Family | Dara Amarie (

You only add the family member to the template if the family member is the opposite gender from the MC.

Thank you, I read that part wrong about the other family members! :woman_facepalming:

Can you just clarify for me about how to change certain features from the MC if they are the same gender? Does the @CHARACTER1 becomes CHARACTER2 command work anywhere in the script or does it have to be done within the MC template?


I appreciate your help.

“To have family members have the same skin color, hair color, eye color, or other features look like the customized character, use the “becomes” command above, then change the features you don’t want them to have the same using the below codes.”

Use the codes given on my guide to change their other features.

It can be used anywhere in the script after the template.

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That’s great, thanks for clarifying! Coding can be so confusing sometimes.

Appreciate the help Dara :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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