Family Customization won't work

So i have this problem with the family member customization.
The main character is a girl in my story, and u can customize her.
I wanted the family to change as well, but the father is turning into a girl lol.
Hope someone can help, thx!!

Hi! For the lines of customization where you want a family member to change, simply write in a line

@CHARACTER changes [Item] into [color/style]

Where Item is something like BodyColor and Color/Style is the same Color/Style as the item the reader is choosing for customization.

Here’s a female LL template on EpisodeLife-- there is even a note about family member customization here in case you want to look at that, too :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! :smiley:

so for everything that the female character customizes into you have to add a male character in your script along with that customization so that the gender won’t change.