Family member CC is very very confusing ugh

I know the coding to make family members appear like MC but what I don’t understand is what you’re supposed to do if the player chooses an unnatural hair or lip color ugh. Like sure, I could just make it so that the family members don’t change into that but then what are they supposed to have instead because the player doesn’t say what their character’s natural hair and lip color are. I have no idea how so many other writers have done this code without asking the reader if they’ve chosen an unnatural lip and hair color so that the writer could then tell them to choose a natural hair and lip color for their family members. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO THIS???

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umm i actually have no idea but can you share the coding in which the family member appearance changes with the character

For the natural lip color, you need to insert a “@CHAR changes LipColor into …” for every skin tone that the reader might choose :slight_smile:

I hope this is clear :stuck_out_tongue:


Has good guides on this on her website

I hope this helps💕

I coded the lip color together with the skin color. So depending on the skin color the reader chooses for MC, the lip of the family member(s) will change accordingly to a lip color I think is the closest to a natural lip color in said skin color. I hope I make sense… lol.


Thank u!

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