Family Member Customization?


How do I let my readers customize the MC’s mom? I tried by duplicating the MC customization template, but it didn’t work! How exactly do I do it with a template?


@Dara.Amarie have one


If you want to add the customization of the mom within the customization of the MC, you basically duplicate the change and change the MC to mom (see below to see what I mean). You’ll do this for every option of the MC that you want the mom to have the same (ie. eye color).



(EDIT: Don’t why I replied to you, Dara./


When I tried it, something messed up, that’s why. So now I’ll try using her second template, or that, again.


Can you post the actual @FEMTWO template? I can’t copy and paste on my school’s computer from Google Docs


I tested copying a female’s body colour, eye colour etc to a male character by dublicating and the guy changed gender as well. So is there a fast way to do the copy thing without completely changing gender or do I have to use those templates?


For different genders, you’d have to add the character to the script template.


I’m using Limelight, and now I’m getting script warnings, saying this the labels don’t exist…


Hi, could you please explain what you mean by “For different genders, you’d have to add the character to the script template”? Thanks!


If your MC is female and the family member is a dad or brother, you can’t use the “character becomes character” code. You need to add them to the template.


So I would need to nest their changes (ie. skin color, hair color) within the choices for customizing the main character? I’m using the command “@YOU goes to character avatar”. Does this mean I won’t be able to do this?


Yea that won’t work if you’re using the character avatar. You’d have to use a template


Okay, thanks for the info!