Family members of full CC’s

I was wondering If someone could please explain to me, how family members of full CC’s can automatically be changed in the story, without letting the reader customize…




In the CC for the main character where it says “@MC changes eyeColor into Emerald” and stuff like that, add the changes of the family too lik “@DAD changes eyeColor into Emerald”


Oh okay wow… but doesn’t take this a while…?

yeah, unofrtunately :sweat_smile:

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Try Dara Amaire’s customization template for multiple CC

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Is there any code to copy online? :grimacing::pleading_face:

I think Dara Amarie may have some, check out her web! :slight_smile:

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You can make female characters look alike really quickly with this code:

@MUM becomes MC

The mum will then look identical to the MC so then you would code some changes like:

@MUM changes hair into …
@MUM changes nose into …

To make them look slightly different. You can also do this with Males but you cannot mix them for example, your Dad can’t ‘become’ MC if MC is a female because male and female features are not the same.

You would most likely have to add the commands underneath each female selection (eye colour, hair colour, skin colour) for males as mentioned above in this case, it is time consuming. Sometimes it’s easier to get the reader to customize even if it’s not necessarily appreciated :joy:


Ouuuu :anguished:, my bad you said without the reader choosing :woman_facepalming:t4:. I guess you would have to code along with the one you do for the Mc?

What I did is add @FAMILYMEMEBER changes into appearance for every single category under the same as my MC.

For example) I used Dara Amarie Body CC template and I use the “changes into” command per girl and 1 for a male family member because girls can’t turn into guys. I want my family member having the same skin tone, eye color, eyebrow color, and hair color so I used it for each category depending on the gender. And this took me 2 hours just for the girls, because it’s extremely time consuming

-this is really hard to explain, hopefully someone is better at this than me :joy:

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Oh wooow 2 hours :sob:

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Oh wow I’m very very late but yes I was watching the clock the whole time…or maybe I’m just slow. It took me a while because my MC has a huge family though :joy: if its just a few then maybe 30 minutes to and hour?

I think this template is amazing, because it makes family who look related while not looking identical.

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