Family Stories <3

The Birth of @WinterMoon05

This is how winter was born. Since Choco was my ex-wife me and her had a tight relationship. 8 months later me and choco fell out of love because of all her silly arguments. A few days later I was rushed to the hospital and had a child, I named her winter because of her winter like eyes that had pictures of groot in them.

2 Weeks later I was reading Winter a bedtime story and I felt very sleepy, I woke up the next morning and Winter was gone. Choco had used her power of rap snacks to steal Winter away. Choco pretended to be Winter’s mother even though I am her father and mother at the same time. I met meadow and we clicked instantly but she didnt click instantly with Winter. But their relationship is finally building up since Meadow will be Winter’s step mother.

Choco finally came clean to me about my lost child and we now - after a billion arguments - share Winter weekly.

The End.

This is kinda a family joke that isnt supposed to be raken seriously haha
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The Birth of @RawrFlurry

When Choco and kiwi were together, they liked eating a lot of weird things. From potatoes to Jelly to jam. They were a very cute couple. Rawr was going to be their first child together, but they didnt know that ofcourse because theyre not physics.

Some days Kiwi would eat a lot of chocolate and Choco would eat a lot of kiwi, theyre not cannibals yall. They started eating a lot of this type of food which created a beautiful girl called RawrFlurry. She was so sexy that she stole Choco’s rap snacks and because Choco was blinded by her beauty she didn’t get angry.

Sadly, Choco and Kiwi broke up but they are still close.

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A Late Night Date

i cant even write that well hagsgebbwsbts

I noticed Meadow smiling at me from the corner of my eye. “Why are you smiling” I asked her confused. She didnt reply, maybe she didnt hear me. I looked at her again and she was still smiling. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the floor and pointed upwards to the dark sky. “Uh what are we looking at?” I asked her, maybe she would hear me this time.

The werent any stars in the sky, probably because of where we were at the time. Meadow looked excited as she watched the sky, which confused me even more. “Meadow…” I whined," Please answer. I don’t understand."

“You have to be patient.” She whispered and squeezed my hand. She wasn’t explaining what we were waiting for which made me crave for an answer. She checked her phone at that moment and smiled at me," Look and make a wish."

I saw the shooting star in the sky, make a wish. I thought to myself. I didn’t know what I wanted to wish for, maybe that me and meadow would always be happy together? The shooting star keep moving so quickly - I knew that I didn’t have much time to think. I closed my eyes and made a wish hoping that it would come true. By the time I opened my eyes the star was gone.

“What did you wish for?” I asked Meadow.

“If I tell you it won’t come true.” She told me and punched my shoulder playfully.

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Winter didnt believe that I gave birth to her.



this is just a dedication to winterrrr :sob:


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