Family Stories Anybody?

Hello there!

Personally, I love to read and write stories (not on episode) centred around family.

Would you like to read a story like that on episode?


I know right? Like I have only read one story about family on Episode and it was in the classic style!

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I think it depends for me.

Like if it was like a cheating - back stabbing drama family story, that would be a no for me.

But if it was a comedy like Meet the Adams or a mystery I would read.


Ah yes! It would be the latter for me as well.

Specifically, I want a story about a family growing together or helping each other.

There would be some drama but not to that extent.

Just like heartfelt disputes between members.

Hello @KayBay21!
I feel like there Should be a mom and dad, a little brother, and two twin sisters!

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You could write about how a family is not what it seems like from the outside, and the shit that goes down in in their house.
Or maybe just a light hearted comedy about some family drama.
That would be cool though, to see something different in the app.

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The cutest family mix ever!

Yeah those would be pretty nice actually!

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I like playing as an adult. There’s Gravity where the mc is in her early thirties with kids, but the story only has 5 chapters.


Writing one rn


YAY! Let me know when it is done!

omg like Gravity by Amelia Rose :scream: its my fave story and its so funny :joy:

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I have not read that! I will go read it!

Yes. In fact, I want to write one like that. It would have similar types of themes to This is Us but a totally different plot.

Has never watched This is Us

It is a good show but I see it being more popular with people 16 and up.

It has Mandy Moore and Milo Ventilimiglia in it. Its a great show.

Hm. I have heard a lot about the show. I am 21 so maybe I will like it.

I will give it a shot after my exams.

I think you would. I love how the stories of the siblings and parents are intertwined and they focus on the different parts of all the main characters lives and it is well acted.

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Interesting. Thanks for letting me know.