Family Stories Anybody?



Hello there!

Personally, I love to read and write stories (not on episode) centred around family.

Would you like to read a story like that on episode?


I know right? Like I have only read one story about family on Episode and it was in the classic style!


I think it depends for me.

Like if it was like a cheating - back stabbing drama family story, that would be a no for me.

But if it was a comedy like Meet the Adams or a mystery I would read.


Ah yes! It would be the latter for me as well.

Specifically, I want a story about a family growing together or helping each other.

There would be some drama but not to that extent.

Just like heartfelt disputes between members.


Hello @KayBay21!
I feel like there Should be a mom and dad, a little brother, and two twin sisters!


You could write about how a family is not what it seems like from the outside, and the shit that goes down in in their house.
Or maybe just a light hearted comedy about some family drama.
That would be cool though, to see something different in the app.


The cutest family mix ever!


Yeah those would be pretty nice actually!


I like playing as an adult. There’s Gravity where the mc is in her early thirties with kids, but the story only has 5 chapters.


Writing one rn


YAY! Let me know when it is done!


omg like Gravity by Amelia Rose :scream: its my fave story and its so funny :joy:


I have not read that! I will go read it!


Yes. In fact, I want to write one like that. It would have similar types of themes to This is Us but a totally different plot.


Has never watched This is Us


It is a good show but I see it being more popular with people 16 and up.


It has Mandy Moore and Milo Ventilimiglia in it. Its a great show.


Hm. I have heard a lot about the show. I am 21 so maybe I will like it.

I will give it a shot after my exams.


I think you would. I love how the stories of the siblings and parents are intertwined and they focus on the different parts of all the main characters lives and it is well acted.


Interesting. Thanks for letting me know.