Famous People You Share A Birthday With

Exactly what it says!

Who are famous people that you share a birthday with? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Month and day, NOT year)

(It can also be a famous event that’s observed on a day, like Christmas) :christmas_tree:

I’ll start:
I share a birthday with John F. Kennedy and two of Michael Jackson’s sisters :hibiscus:

AND NOW YOUR TURN :sunglasses:


February 21st I share a B.Day with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Sophie Turner


i have birthday on halloween

I share my birthday with J.K.Rowling and also The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lucky July 31st


Miley Cyrus!


I looked up on google “What celebrities are born in September 17” a lot of people who I know nothing about came up. I only know one and it’s Charlie from Goodluck Charlie

Ferdinand I of Austria! :crossed_swords:

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Jay-Z :musical_score:

You also share a birthday with the current PM of India :grin:

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Yes, we do :joy:

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Hey, same here, BUT you also forgot the late and great, Richard Griffiths, who played Uncle Vernon! :wink:

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OMG I hated uncle Vernon with the combo of my guts :joy:

Anyways, to stay on topic, this is cool to see which people we share a birthday with :heart:

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Kanyeee Wesssttt

The character, sure, but the actor was brilliant!

HAHA. Yeah, it is! :wink:

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That’s new! :joy: Thanks, B-day twinsie

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jay z? neat dude

would be epic if yo’ have/will have a best pal or partner who has the same birthday as beyoncé lmao

apparently i share my birthday with pharell williams

he’s a cool dude

not as cool as snoop dog

but still cool

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I share a birthday with Gina Rodriguez, Terry Crews, Joey King, and Lisa Kudrow

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That’s july 30th right!

Anyway staying on topic! I share a birthday with

  • Ted Bundy (A Serial Killer) Not yay
  • Billy Connolly (Stand-up Comedian) I can handle that.
  • LiAngelo Ball (Basketball Player) That’s- not bad like a serial killer
  • Zachary Taylor (12th president) Has to be my favourite out of all these.

OMG I love her role in Friends :smile:

Cool :heart:

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