Famous People You Share A Birthday With



That’s july 30th right!

Anyway staying on topic! I share a birthday with

  • Ted Bundy (A Serial Killer) Not yay
  • Billy Connolly (Stand-up Comedian) I can handle that.
  • LiAngelo Ball (Basketball Player) That’s- not bad like a serial killer
  • Zachary Taylor (12th president) Has to be my favourite out of all these.


OMG I love her role in Friends :smile:

Cool :heart:


Chris Evans :v:t2:

June 13th


Taylor Lautner :heart_eyes:
February 11th (tomorrow yayyyy)


That would be so cooooool. Omg my new mission in life is to find that person :joy:


sounds like a plan buddy! :wink:


Apparently I share a birthday with the Queen of England :crown:


I share a birthday with Ed Sheeran on February 17.


Billy Joel
Noah Cetenio
Collins Key
Brittany Snow…I did not just search up famous people with my birthday



I share a birthday with Miranda Cosgrove and Mark Zuckerberg May 14th.


Lil Pump
Tammy Townsend
Donnie Wahlberg
Timothy heller (:sob:)

And uh, Davy Crockett :rofl:


Kendall Jenner :roll_eyes:


The Queen of England shares the birthday with you. lol


Davy Crockett. One of my favorite old timers.


But lil pump? Honestly whut.


…You’ll survive. I think.


Neil Armstrong (Astronaut)
Jesse Williams (Actor)
And Marylin Monroe died on the month and day of my birthday.


March 3rd Apparently I share a birthday with Alexander Graham Bell, Camilla Cabello, Jessica Biel, George Miller, Eugene (from one of my favorite classic k-pop groups, SES) and Jean Harlow… And there’s more!


9th december
I share my bday with ShinEE’s Minho(kpop) and i dont know if i do wid anyone else


The US lol