Famous story recommendations

Most popular stories.

Or stories about being famous, getting famous, or dating and falling in love with a celebrity.

Hit me with some suggestions please

I have loads of recommendations including my own, but none of them is included someone dating or becoming famous. Was there anything else you was looking for in a story?

Anything to catch my interest. Oooo ur the one who writes mum knows best right? I just started that :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Yes I am lovely! Omg, I’m very honoured you know who I am!!!
But I would
Also recommend these, but thank you so much for reading mine!!! :kissing_heart:

@MerryMirrors remembering me

@samantha_episode_1 A heartbreak century

@AliceC.Episode4 The heir and his female bodyguard

@Eclipsa Green Sea shel


Hmm I have a few recommendations:
•Addicted to you by @jane_episodeng
•War Dogs by @/Kaylas.epi
•Complicated by @/complicatedofficial
•Clothes off by @/complicatedoffical
•Forbidden Addiction by @writer.annapark
•Dangerous Desire by @writer.annapark


rising star by cher


You can read my story «Better Than Ever» by Miranda. It’s not popular or anything, but I hope you like it anyway😀

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The last one I read that fit the themes you’re looking for was The Perks of Being Famous by @Mavis :slightly_smiling_face:

And thank you to @BEEBS07 for recommending my story :purple_heart:. It’s not a popular story but I’ll leave the details below just in case it can interest you too.

Remembering Me

Title: Remembering Me
Author: Merry Mirrors
Genre: Mystery
Style: INK
Description: Can you forget the love of your life? What if an accident alters your memory and you wake up thinking you love someone else?
Episodes: 17 (ongoing)
Link: https://www.episodeinteractive.com/s/5484107950063616
Instagram: @merrymirrors


love that one

Play my heart by Maayan

Famous New Girl by Alexandria :wilted_flower: :wink: :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

This is a super interesting story. A story with an engaging storyline. The more you read, the more you fall in love with the story! I recommend! It’s perfect. In this story they show an infatuation becoming a true love.


Ugh yes, literally a fav

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Added to my read list :slight_smile:

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Great choice! :blush: