Fan Art! Share yours :)


One of my favorite things to see (and create!) is fan art for a story. It means the story or one of its characters really moved someone.

Have you made any? Has anyone made fan art for you? It can be an edit, a hand drawing, a digital painting, anything!

Share below! :smiley: And be sure to mention which story/character/etc it is for. (And who the artist is, if not yourself) Once a few people have replied, I’ll share some of my own. <3


Perhaps, but it didn’t feel right as this is more geared toward fans. :thinking: If a mod thinks it should be moved I certainly have no objection, I just want to see what people have created/had created for them. :hugs:


I love it! So much detail in the hair :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’d love to see yours!


Anything inspired by a story on Episode. A character portrait, a scene redrawn or edited to life, … really no rules other than it’s art and inspired by a story you read. (Or for your own as above, sure, or a repost of something someone made for you.) :smile:


I will post maybe tonight or tomorrow- I have art of my own as well as a couple people made, but didn’t want to bombard the thread with my own stuff, haha, so I was waiting for a few other replies first.


I think you should bombard it :wink: Show off your work!

I’d post some more but when I say they are terrible, they are terrible :joy:


Heres my Edit for a character Duncan Von Black.


What did u use for this @PerplexedJam?


I use Ibis Paint X :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks amazing! Love the body detail.


Artists come in all ages, training levels, and natural skill levels. As long as genuine effort was made and the art isn’t stolen I am unlikely to think it ‘terrible’. It doesn’t have to be the most aesthetically pleasing art I’ve ever seen in my life for me to appreciate it.


Although that is a nice thing to write. I can’t post my other pictures, they are to bad (in my opinion).


Hi! I’m new here with the Episode forums. I love seeing people create art for their stories! I’m good at writing stories, but as for art, not so much. Lol :joy:
Anyways, I wanted to know if anyone would like to create an art cover? I need an art cover for my story I am currently working on. It’s called: The Elemental Princesses Volurme 1: Fire
Description: The crowned princess in the fire district, Burnadette, has fallen for a water elemental. But there is a problem: If she kisses him first, he will die. If he kisses her first, she will die. Will she choose to risk her life, or will she choose a life without her love forever?
Let me know if you are interested!
xoxo! - @the_girl_in_pink


~Lana Augustine


@LanaAugustine that’s amazing! You have to show me a few arts you have created!


You have to DM Me so I can send it.


Welcome! Can the two of you continue in DMs perhaps? I just know this could get quite lengthy between you and kinda want to keep the thread on topic. :slight_smile: There also are tons of threads in “Resources” for covers and cover artists, though sounds like you are all set for now :slight_smile:

(Most likely a mod would have come tell you the same.)


How exactly do I do that? Like I said before, I’m new to all of this. lol :smiley:


Click on her profile picture, then “message”. :slight_smile: