Fancy Background Characters

I need some background Characters, I need some 3 female buisness women, 3 model women, 3 male buisness men, and 3 model men

TYSM :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Leaf Motif Beaded Bracelet Metal Rose Gold
Leaf Motif Double Hanging Earrings Metal Rose Gold
Circular Patterned Gold Choker Metal Rose Gold
Deep V Half Sleeve Dress Velvet grey White
Clear Heel High Heels Plastic Rose Gold
Stud Jewel Drop

Neutral 02
Arched Thick Styled - Chestnut Brown
Wavy Side Curls - Light Brown
Hooded Slender Almond Eyeliner - Ice Blue
Diamond Defined Contour
Defined Natural
Heart Shaped Pout - Rose Light Nude Gloss

you can use this for either female (;


Thank youuu, want credited?


Job: model
IG: genevieve.parislover
Name (if needed): Genevieve
Clothes: you can choose by urself if u donโ€™t like mine. I believe in ur fashion taste :heart:

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