Fancy/modern home interior backgrounds!

Hi all! I’ve been scouring drives and google for backgrounds of the interior of a fancy/modern home! I need a living room, kitchen, and foyer for day/night, added bonus for overlays :smiling_face_with_tear:. I’m trying to looks for interiors that are sleek, modern, and upscale- nothing too old-fashioned and opulent. I don’t like using irl pictures for backgrounds, but these are examples of the general vibe I’m going for:


If anyone can find or- god bless- make something like these, I would be eternally grateful :pray: :blob_hearts: thank you!!!

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You can check the Official Background Sharing Thread, Marysol’s background drive (thread), Flowergriefer’s Background Thread.

If you are able to pay, I can recommend J.Miley ( and AmandaMichele ( on Patreon. Amanda Michele has more episode-like backgrounds. J.Miley does 3d render backgrounds and overlays. Both are definitely worth the cost (they both have affordable tiers).


I’ve looked through Marysol, FlowerGriefer, and Amanda Michele’s drives, but I’ll check out JMiley too! 🩷 Thanks!

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Her drives and Patreon have different backgrounds, so I’d check her patreon out. :slight_smile:
Good luck though :slight_smile:

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You can also check out modern backgrounds on episode life

Look so awesome! , you made a lot of designs .thank you for sharing us.

These are all background I have made/edited that might fit what you’ve been looking for
I have overlays for all of them if you’d want :))



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