Fanfiction on Episode

My question is I have a couple of karaoke scenes in my new story. And my main character sings in the style of Gypsy Rose Lee let me Entertain You… is that allowed


That’s a lot of post edits :eyes::fancysquiddance:

Anyway, thanks for clarifying! Just a question- if we get inspired by a book or movie etc. as in we watch it and it inspires a similar (but not the same) idea of our own, is that copyright if we were to publish it? So not based off of, not copying, it’s an entirely different story, it’s just kinda similar (I mean, a lot of books are similar to each other, a lot of episode stories are similar to each other etc.)


it’s not a fanfiction of an episode story. and the whole fair use concept is to make sure people don’t steal content wholesale.

Episode doesn’t allow fanfictions of any stories.


And it helps writers devolp their craft . unless it’s child porn or something , you should really leave these stories alone


Fanfiction isn’t allowed on Episode due to copyright reasons. No need to be hostile, she was trying to warn you before you spend hours into coding your story and then are devastated when it’s taken down. Please check out: Content Guidelines and read over it so you can see what your story should contain. Every platform has rules and these rules need to be followed. There’s tons of other places where you can write fanfic, but this isn’t it.


Not sure the reason being of your hostility, but Amber was just trying to clear up the confusion. Absolutely no need to tell her to “STFU” lol


I didn’t mean to be rude , however honest hard work and effort are being thrown away just for some paranoid legal decisions and Lack of understanding. It’s not all porn or wholesale copying.


That’s why myself and @Lexy_Ellen are trying to explain it to you; so you don’t throw away all your hard work and effort on something that’s not allowed on the app


It shouldn’t be unallowed in the first place.


Legally we cannot allow stories that contain elements that are owned by someone else. So if you write a story based on Hogwart’s and we allow it, we would be open to legal action from TimeWarner or whomever owns the rights to it at the time, as would you. They own the place name and associated trademarks and the rights to use the place. Along with the characters and anything else that is exclusive to that world.

Any story that has such a thing in it will be removed.


But you didn’t make the story. And fan-fiction is fair use


No, we didn’t. But that does not matter. And fan-fiction is not fair use. It tends to be ignored but it does not satisfy the definition of fair-use unless it is a parody. Even if it were? We do not allow it. For any reason. There are many sites on the internet that do, Episode is just not one of them. I realize this is not the answer you would like, but it isn’t going to change.


rules are rules . follow them. I do know a lot of rules on episode is been broken. personally I do not break any and i wont. second the stories been deleted broke some rules. if they had read them they knew it was againts and it says in the rules that stories breakn rules will be deleted.

if you wanna make a fanfic go to or archiveofourown


if you dont get it you should watch this video they explain copy rights. and why fanfic actually not it legal .


this is about fan-work made to closely represent the original, the fan i’m talking about is trans-formative.
Again , it’s not wholesale.


fan art and fanfic it is the same rules for them.


I wasn’t talking about that.

why do you have to keep arguing with people that are trying to help you? They are trying to make sure that you understand the rules before spend hours on something that will just get deleted. Stop trying to defy the guidelines. If you’re not going to follow the guidelines you shouldn’t be on here in the first place


In a fanfic you use the places and charaterts made by another person from there story. if you dont use them it is not a fanfic. if you do it is but it break the rule of copy rights.

I am not againts fanfics i love fanfics. I have written a few. its just episode have the rule they dont want them on there app. so we have to follow that