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Good news is, you can assume nothing in my original post is out of date :smiley:


Man was this kind of confusing. Soooo can I reference song lyrics and the artist(s)?


I have a scene where the MC is singing in the shower and MC sings a few words from a song of Adele.

Do I have to delete that? Or is this not related to fanfic at all?

Didn’t even know what fanfic was lol

Tyler explains what fanfiction is in the original post, but to answer this. No song lyrics aren’t considered fanfic.

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havent there just come out a movie with this plot

So the same 5 lines thing is still a thing for lyrics ?

I’m not sure what that has to do with fanfiction but yes, I do believe you can write about stories with pregnancy.

If you’re unsure, you can submit a ticket asking:

Also Episode will be going in depth and explaining stuff in more detail, this post will be of interest to you: We're Expanding Episode Explained!

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Thats a nice info

I got a question.
If I´l like to name my characters like pop culture characters like barbie or dora, is that against copyright?

Hi mariaz26,

Yes, using names of popular characters like Barbie or Dora would be against copyright. Common names like ‘Harry’ would not be unless the character’s last name was Potter or incorporated other story elements.

Happy writing :slight_smile:


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This is a bit unrelated but can I use Big Mac and Happy Meals as food MacDonalds doesn’t own the rights to these so it must be fine right???

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Hi there!

I looked into Big Mac’s copyright and it looks like it only lost it in the EU. Episode is an american company, so we go by the copyright laws here. Therefore, you wouldn’t be able to use those terms in your story.

Happy writing :slight_smile:


Hello! I have a question! Can I publish a story that is a readaptation from a Brazilian fanfic? Because I wanted to share it with girls that don’t speak portuguese. I’ll give the credits to the author and all that. And also I’m have the author’s official permission and I can prove it! Like, she actually loved the idea and really wants me to do it! The story is hers, and she wants me to publish it here!

Hi Giugiu,

Unfortunately, for reasons mentioned in my original post you won’t be able to do this.

Okay! The author actually wanted me to do it, but since it can not be done, I want you guys to delete the story, please!

Well I mean guys, if you really wanna write a “fanfic” style story, just make up a bunch of fake celebrities or TV shows or such. Or even make up a hot boyband :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Happy writing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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If you want Episode to remove your story, file a ticket and let them know. They will remove it for violating guidelines.

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Thank you very much, luv!

What about being inspired by certain characters but changing them enough that they are essentially original? Like, if you like aspects of a character from a show/movie/book and kind of use some things to resemble them but they aren’t that character at all? I do that a lot with stories but the new character is so far removed from the actual real character that it’s basically original fiction.

That’s something that will need to be review in a case by case basis. Things like characterization, plot, and setting will be meticulously reviewed. The difference would be, if it’s not outright removable, a reviewer will help make the story more distinct. :slight_smile: