Fanfiction on Episode

These things have to be dealt with on a case by case basis. It depends if a reader can open up your Episode stories and can place where it’s from. The more borderline similarities the more likely we’ll have to remove it. Even in cases where it’s in such a gray zone, these types of stories would likely be unable to be featured or win contests.

Writing these stories would be risks, and I would only be able to say once we’ve reviewed the end product. While it’s something you might be able to navigate, I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

@Ensignia because Cold-Hearted is an Episode story, it would be even more scrutinized. I would recommend trying something new :slight_smile:


Right, okay.
I’ll try to separate the story from Cold-Hearted a little more, hopefully it shouldn’t affect the direction I steer my own story in.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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what is fan fiction???/???

Writing about characters places or key bits that happen in a book, movie, comic, tv show, etc.
For instance if I wrote a story about Harry Potter after Hogwarts that would be considered fan fic.

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