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These things have to be dealt with on a case by case basis. It depends if a reader can open up your Episode stories and can place where it’s from. The more borderline similarities the more likely we’ll have to remove it. Even in cases where it’s in such a gray zone, these types of stories would likely be unable to be featured or win contests.

Writing these stories would be risks, and I would only be able to say once we’ve reviewed the end product. While it’s something you might be able to navigate, I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

@Ensignia because Cold-Hearted is an Episode story, it would be even more scrutinized. I would recommend trying something new :slight_smile:


Right, okay.
I’ll try to separate the story from Cold-Hearted a little more, hopefully it shouldn’t affect the direction I steer my own story in.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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what is fan fiction???/???

Writing about characters places or key bits that happen in a book, movie, comic, tv show, etc.
For instance if I wrote a story about Harry Potter after Hogwarts that would be considered fan fic.

Lol. I saw one about riverdale, voltron legendary defenders and Stranger things. People are ruthless. lmfao


Hi there! So, I have a question. I am currently writing a story about a girl who wants to understand herself and she decides to move somewhere else. The story name is going to be an excerpt from Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken. Also, at the beginning of each chapter, there are going to be quotes from different poems. Please note that The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is public domain, as far as I know, and the other poems I am going to use in my Episode story are, too.

Is this allowed or not at all?

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It is allowed as long as you stay within fair use guidelines.

Huh. And what would those be, exactly?

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An excellent question, isafcnchr!

It’s under the Content Guidelines, as “Songs and fair use”

But I do see what you’re talking about that Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” is in public domain, so you’re free to use as much of his poems as you’d like.

His poems are superb by the way, I’d recommend making sure you source the lines of poetry so that way you might inspire people to go check out his full work!

Happy writing :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, Tyler!


With that being said,

I want to write about The Beatles.

I looked it up, and they have been in Public Domain since 2013 when some of their music reached 70 yrs old.

Does that mean I can write about them? The story will just be about a girl who wants to make sure the world doesn’t forget The Beatles, as they begin to become underrated.

Or is this still not allowed?


That’s an excellent question.

Some of their music is public domain yes, but the members of The Beatles are still protected under our rules against using celebrities likenesses. This is especially true when two members of The Beatles are still alive.


Because of the more specific guidelines, does the same thing still apply? Especially since there’s less leeway on copyrighted stuff like song lyrics


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I have a few more questions:

You say we can’t reference “real people or places.” Surely that doesn’t mean we can’t mention New York, London, Shakespeare, etc. . . .

Is there any type of media that’s considered fair use? i.e. Something like the much-used story of Romeo and Juliette.

What about instead of taking down stories that are considered fanfiction, they are taken out of consideration for Episode’s payment program? You won’t be arrested for talking about a favorite movie, and that’s basically what stories are. But if you charge money to put on a performance of that movie without copyrighted permission, *then * it’s illegal.

If doing not-for-profit fanart/writing is illegal, then the line at the booking station should be over a thousand miles long. Payment is a different story.

Shakespeare works are public domain now so, you can write fan fic about it (there’s many remakes of Romeo and Juliet eg. Westside Story)

And it’s not so much about the author the fanfic making money off of it, it’s Episode. Whether or not you are on the payment program, Episode earns money off your reads regardless. So when you publish fan-fiction of someone else’s intellectual property on Episode, they earn money off it and would be considered liable for infringing on someone else’s copyright.

If you wish to write fanfiction there are plenty of other sites you can do so like or .


Thank you–I did not know Episode made money off of reads; I was under the impression gem choices were the only source of revenue. :gem:

Ad revenue.

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Good news is, you can assume nothing in my original post is out of date :smiley:


Man was this kind of confusing. Soooo can I reference song lyrics and the artist(s)?


I have a scene where the MC is singing in the shower and MC sings a few words from a song of Adele.

Do I have to delete that? Or is this not related to fanfic at all?

Didn’t even know what fanfic was lol

Tyler explains what fanfiction is in the original post, but to answer this. No song lyrics aren’t considered fanfic.

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