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yeah and then trash talk about Episode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I actually just ran across 3 stories that the person named some pretty famous real-life musicians as the subject of the book, somehow I thought this was against guidelines, but Episode seems to keep promoting them under New User Stories, so :woman_shrugging: I guess what’s against the rules for some is not against the rules for all.

what do you need help with?

Sometimes episode just messes up so I’ll say sent a ticket…

I was thinking about doing a story about Greek mythology naming the gods like Hades, Zues, etc in a current time setting… would this be considered fanfiction, it would purely be fictional, more than likely in the fantasy genre, but I didn’t want to start until I knew if it would be considered against guidelines.

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Neither names nor titles are copyrightable. So you can use any name or title you wish with the caveat that the story cannot actually be about the famous person or set in the same universe as the work with the same title. They must be wholly new creative work.

Also, Greek gods are fair game. That would not be “fanfiction.”


thank you so much Arlene, that makes me so happy, I was super excited to write this story, and than nervous, lol now I am excited again.

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Hi, I’m new here and I want to write a story but I can’t find the option. Can anyone help?

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you write on the portal here, the website

also I made a video there explain a bit how to get started, you watch it here

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I’m not getting it

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Isn’t this what Episode did with EBI? Are we allowed to do something like that?

No. Anything Episode does that is tied a brand name/show/movie etc… involves a gaggle of lawyers and contracts with the copyright or intellectual property holders.


So like, you have a contract with the FBI?


So glad I saw this! I almost wrote some fanfiction today LOL :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, so, theres this story that was written online back in 2011. But it is in Brazilian Portuguese. I wanted to rewrite this story traslating it into English and post it on Episode, i wanted to make it in Episode format cause i was just imagining it would be so cool to see the characters and all. But before posting it on Episode I will have the original Authors permission and keep in contact with her thru social media. And I also wanted to give credits to her on each episode, share her social medias at the end of each Episode and also in my instagram account, and she will be aware of everything that is happening. She approving, having the credits, forms of contacts, direct supervision I am still not allowed to post it? Even with all these? Approvement, credits, contact, supervision and etc. I just want to translate this story to English cause its amazing and I wanted more people to get to know it. And since I love Episode I wanted to give “life” to these characters in this platform.

Granted that fanfiction is illegal in Episode, I do write Fanfiction.

However, I know the rules about Episode, and I NEVER use characters from certain fandoms. Only characters that I create are original.
If it were fanfiction on Episode, it’d feature anime, cartoon, or TV characters.

No, if I want to write fanfiction, I’ll go to the fanfiction sites. Episode isn’t always smoke and mirrors, and kisses and gems.

But curious, does your Episode doesn’t have to be romance, right? And if I want the Star Character to get a happy ending, I will.

Still… NO fanfiction for me on Episode. I know about copyright and such. And that’s good enough for me. I’ll write fanfiction on my time. NOT on Episode Time.

As long as I learn to write the original characters AND create the original storyline, I am safe. BUT…
DO NOT use fanfiction or fandoms.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this on our platform. The original author could, provided she owned the rights to do so, but we do not allow 3rd party fan-fiction regardless of any permission you might get from the author. We can neither keep track or nor enforce any contracts that don’t originate with us. It is a legal thing.

Bump. (Keeping this thread active.)

Yes, people shouldn’t write fan fictions of shows, movies, books, etc but the thing most people don’t focus on or realize is that some stories on episode do completely copy a show or movie, and no one really talks about that as much as they talk about fan-fictions, inappropriate contents, and how the stories directing isn’t well done :woman_shrugging: