Fanfiction on Episode

If its something you created that means it’s not a fanfiction…?

It doesn’t, but as I understood, according to the guidelines, we can’t use any materials in our stories that were created by other people, not sure if fanfiction rule applies to those plots that were created by creators themselves and have been published elsewhere

that is correct you cant use others story, characters,

copying plot is not fanfiction, its plagarisme, which also is wrong.

now if you created a fanfic, but wanna remove the fan part, example, fifthy shades of grey is a twilight fanfic, or mortal instruments is also a fanfic, of Harry potter. and they did to releasie their story as books

they removed the fanfic part, but it means you can only keep your original part, you cant use the fanfic part. so you need to make your own characters, world ideas.

though its still a way plagarisme.

Understood, thank you!

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