FANMAIL : Most Recent First (Within App)


Okay — first off. Within the app, the most recent fanmail is at the very bottom. However, in the portal it’s the opposite. I think it would be easier (especially when people have alot of fan mail) that the most recent is on top.

Benefits :slight_smile:

~ Less Scrolling
~ Readers More Likely to see your reply
~ (Hopefully) less repeated questions

Disadvantages :new_moon:

~ none?


I totally agree!
You have comments from the last chapter at the bottom, where sometimes you can’t even find it because the author have tons of fan mail!




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OMG YES!!! it needs to be at the top


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why did this take so long to find brahs


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Dude, suppooooooort


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I’d also like to add for an advantage reason is

  1. Old fanmail sinks to the bottom (like people letting you know you have an error in the first episode.)


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