Fanmail's answers limited?

I had to answer a fanmail today and when I checked my message back, I noticed only the first three lines of my reply were visible. It was cut in the middle of the sentence…The rest of my message was completely cancelled and I had to write it again. This second time, I saved it on my computer by fear of losing it one more time. And again, the same thing happened (hopefully, I saved it!).
In the end, it’s impossible to reply this comment more than 3 lines.
What happens ? Are we now limited in our reply ?

After that, I checked my previous answers and noticed one of them was also cut. It was an answer made one year ago so, of course, I couldn’t remember what I answered to this person…
I also wrote one very very long reply and this one was not cut (written 2years ago).
If we are limited in signs, then I don’t understand how it works.
Because of that, I decided to save all my replies. I’m now afraid they will disappear.
And I invite you to do the same if you don’t want to lose your Fanmail’s replies.

Thank you in advance for answering my question :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


hey the same thing happened to me with one of my old stories it just would cut off idky tho instead i just closed the FM and just had them ask me questions on here or insta

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Thank you for your answer Ericka :slight_smile: !
I didn’t think about closing the Fanmail but it is indeed a possibility (since they have my IG too). I will think about it ! Thanks for the idea.
For now, I just submitted a ticket. I will see if it is just a Bug and if it will be fixed or if we are really limitated in signs. In that case, I will consider your idea :wink: !

In any case, I will let you know their answer as soon as I receive it. It may help other people in the same case.

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okay great but deff tell me what they say so that i can keep my fanmail open for future refrences

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Hello back,

I finally had some answers from Episode and hope it will help some of you.
The Episode Team told me that there is indeed a character/text limit for fanmail. This limit
applies to each reply and is not accumulative.

Hope it helped those who wonder why their replies were cut.

~ Love




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