Fantastical Contest Entries Only-Review Requests

Oh hey! I saw this when I searched up “Fantastical” in the app. Looks interesting! I might read it soon.

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Thank you :smile: If you do decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it! I’m actually working on the 4th episode right now haha

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Story Title: Fantastical: Falling From Grace
Author(s): Episode Royalty (@Queen_Faith & @BLUE2109)
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Published episodes: 3
It’s not complete

Is your Instagram by the same name??

I’ll add you to the list! Yes my instagram is the same minus the 1. So it’s @penspaperanddreams

Thank you! I’ll add you to the list

Yes I will! I’ll add you to the List

Wow, I think the story’s amazing!!! I love how you got all three art styles in! (How’d you do that by the way???) The directing is also great! Can’t wait to read Episode 3! (Also, you have a lot of readers! Any advice on how to get readers like that?)

Thank you so much ^.^ I am glad that you enjoyed it. To get the readers it’s basically a lot of patience and promoting yourself. Doing Read for reads helps a lot too and interviews with episode pages. If you need help with directing or anything let me know <3

Story title: Fantastical: The Lost Starlette
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 3
Author: EpisodeExraa
Style: INK!

Name of story: Fantastical: SHC
Author: Jayda M.
Style: Ink
Genre: Fantasy

Summary of story: The SHC controls all beings with meta-human abilities. Unfortunately, Amaya is one of them. After faking her death, how long is it until they find out she’s still alive?

Link to story:


Visuals- Excellent directing, great special effects. Very smooth transitions and the spot directing is amazing. Customers are also great and awesome use of the black and white flashback scene.

Story: Very interesting and engaging. I got a marvel sci-fi mutha this vibe which I love. However, I find this to be more of a sci-to story and not fantasy, so I don’t think it fits well into the current fantasy contest them. But I am very interested in seeing how the story progresses.

Choices- I think the choices are good.

Language- It’s a bit stilted and formal in the lab but otherwise it’s ok. There are some slang and spelling mistakes wasn’t correct but nothing that hinders anything.

Total Score: 13/16

Thank you so much! And it’s very hard to drop slang :sob: I’ve gotten many complaints about it lol
Also, it is ONLY fantasy. There isn’t that much romance within the story, I honestly am TERRIBLE at writing romance.

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**Hy, guys! **
I would really appreciate if you’ll give a read to my entry

Fantastical: Mysterious Investigation
People are missing in Innsmoot, the monster lives in the forest. Who’s behind all this? ~CC
**Fantasy \ Thriller **
By Lawful Evil

IG: lawful.evil_

Story Name: Fantastical: A Life’s Journey
Author’s Name: Booklady1017
Description: What happens when you casually make a wish to become a character on your favorite soap? Did something magical happen or is it just a dream?
Style: Ink

Thank you!

I would love it ifyyou could review my story!

Title: Fantastical: A Boy?!
Author: 1-800-O-Canada
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @mendes.ft.holland
Description: The realm of Xanthia has been full of just girls for so long the no one even knows what a boy is anymore. What happens when one shows up unexpectedly?
Share Link:

Hey, there! I’d love to get some honest feedback from you!!

Title: Fantastical: Regnum Fortes
Author: TheBigMystery
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 3 (on-going)
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @thebigmystery.episode
Description: You’re a set of twins which were suddenly zapped into a realm you never knew existed. What now?
What to expect:

  • This story uses a point system! (Choices actually matter.)
  • This story has a wide variety of Love Interests! Even options for the LGBT community!
  • Some pretty rad effects! (50+ overlays and backgrounds were used!)
  • Fighting scenes!
  • Plot twists you never saw coming!
  • Diverse characters!
  • Great directing!
  • Text effects!
  • + Many more features!

Hey, I was just wondering how long the waiting list is?

*Correction: The score is actually 13.5/16
Title: Fantastical: When Worlds Meet
Author: @dandelion781
Genre: Fantasy

Description: The royalties have magically disappeared. The world are at the verge of a war. A new world is being created. The qualities organisms are degrading what will the future be?

Visuals: It’s a beautiful visual experience. The character design, the backgrounds and the special effects are spectacular. Additionally, i think the character designs and outfits are wonderfully done. You can tell you spent a lot of time working on the details of each person.

Story: I didn’t think that the story was easy to follow. The flashbacks make the plot very confusing to grasp, so I would recommend considering eliminating them completely. I also felt that that I couldn’t really become engaged in the story until the end of the episode. I think you have a potentially really good plot but it’s needs to be flushed out better.

Choices: The end of the 1st episode choice is interesting. It was different and I think I understand what you’re trying to do (like a tv episode type of concept, but I didn’t feel that it really fit.) Also, in the hell section, there is a choice that is basically the same for each option just written in different words. I did appreciate the level of character customization though.

Language: There were some punctuation mistakes and I did feel that the writing is also a bit stiff. I didn’t feel that it was that engaging although it was easy to understand what you were saying.

Total score: 12.5/16

Hi I have a few ahead of you but I’ll be posting a lot this weekend so expect to see yours soon!

:two_hearts:Hello Lovelies​:two_hearts:
Checkout my story .Link below :point_down:
Story : The Chocolate Fairyland
Description : A girl has lovable grandparents but few bad people are with her. There is a place where she can escape but will she discover it? How will be the life there?

Hi! I actually am not able to read your story because the first chapter is customization. It wouldn’t be fair for me to read your second chapter and not do the same for others.

I’m really sorry! I do think that the concept is very cool and I’m sure people will love all the amazing options. Best of luck with the contest!