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Hey fellow authors,

I was hoping to have a thread which focuses on the stories and not reads because I believe the number of reads doesn’t make it as a good story or a bad one. So, this thread is just to promote your story and to tell others what does your story include, I’m not going to ask you to read mine, I will give all the story’s a read and will share reviews on my Instagram handle @shuba_the_real_me_

"ONLY FANTASTICAL CONTEST ENTRIES SHALL POST", All the best fellow authors. May the best story win. God bless all.

{ You all can post your stories, cover arts or anything of your own choice}

Announcing Fantastical! Our June 2018 Creator's Contest

Hey everyone! Thank you, @shuba22, for creating this thread! I recently published my first story, and since it was a fantasy, I decided to enter it for the contest as well. I hope you’d want to read it! I’m also up for read for reads/review for reviews, so let me know if you’re interested! Here are my story details:

Title: Fantastical: Silhouettes
Author: aprilish
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Style: Ink
Blurb: Arion’s ready to risk it all to make her dreams come true. Leslie sees him every day, yet fails to recognize who he is. Watch them fall in love…without ever meeting each other.
Link: 1

My Instagram: @aprilish.episode

Also, good luck to everyone who has entered the contest! Like you said, may the best story win!

Thank you so much, and have a great day! :blush::two_hearts:


Thanks for this!! I’m promoting this for my friends & members of @Episode-Royalty.

Story Name: Fantastical Falling From Grace
Author: Episode Royalty (@BLUE2109 & @Queen_Faith)
Style: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy

~ Winter :snowflake:






DESCRIPTION: Fantasy world has lot more to do than dressing up and chasing over the prince. Come on and tap the Episode to find out what’s in it. Be the hero, Play the hero. CC


My story is a Limelight story and I’ve added Overlay effects, I used @Dara.Amarie 's tips to learn how to use overlays.

I’ve used Text Overlay Effects for more interaction.

Included choices and dressing up like a pro without gems is an added advantage in my story.


This story is basically about the MC who finds about her superhuman abilities and she is betrothed to a prince who eventually breaks the betrothal and finds more exciting stuff. What will happen next in her life is up to YOU, Because YOU play it to KNOW it.

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @shuba_the_real_me_

If you find it interesting do read it.

Thank You.


Hey I’ve just read first three episodes of your story. I’m waiting for my passes to refill, would you like a review?


Wow, thank you! Yes, a review would be great! :grin:

By the way, your story sounds very interesting! I’ll start reading it soon. :heartbeat:


Hey @aprilish,

I’ve just read 4 episodes of your story and I figured out that you have released 5 of them. I will read that too. I just don’t want to affect your scores.



Story Length is PERFECT.

You have a VERY UNIQUE story plot, I love the fact that music and fantasy getting along. Your story is very practical and customization part is fantastic too.

The fact that your story uses INK gives it plenty of benefits regarding Animations and Outfits and you have INCLUDED MANY OUTFIT options for the Main Character that makes it more interesting.

I really like that fact that you keep the mystery, the person who saved MC from the bar and so on. I would love to hear more from you.



Actually there are no negatives to this story

But as a fellow author, I would like to see more fantasy elements and more drama. Don’t make any major changes to your story if you have already submitted the form for the contest because that might affect your scores.




Hope this review gives you the motivation to write more.

God Bless :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh, thank you so, SO much for this wonderful review, Shubashri! I really appreciate your honest feedback, and I’m so glad you liked my story. :sob::purple_heart::purple_heart:

As you’ve mentioned, I don’t think I’ll be able to make any major changes in my story since I’ve submitted it, but I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind while writing future episodes.

Thank you so much, again! It really means a lot! And yes, your review has definitely given me the motivation to keep writing! :heartbeat:


Hey there @WinterMoon05

The author’s @BLUE2109 AND @Queen_Faith have done a great job.

I really loved the Introduction posters.

The story plot is just great and I see very few glitches in the very first episodes where the soldiers stand on the dead guy, otherwise the whole story is perfect.

The Fredrick guys is mysterious and I kind of like the flashback thing.

The story is really great and DIRECTING is good.

Choices affecting the story is an added advantage.

I see this story in the winner’s shelf.



Wow! Thank you so much! We hope it does end up in the winners shelf. :wink::heart:

~ :snowflake:



Title: Fantastical: The Lost Princess

Genre: Fantasy/Mystery

Style: LimeLight

Author: Abstract_Casper or CasperTheBeast

Bio: When the princess goes missing, the king sends you and an elf to find her! Will you find her or will you be banished from the kingdom?!


Will give a review soon.


Moved topic to Promote Your Story as this is the designated area for R4R. Thanks!


I hope you will check out my story :slight_smile:

Title : Paradise
Author : Maggy
Genre : Fantasy
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 5 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode
Description : Fidelia is about to become a Goddess, she has to follow the prophecy. Fidelia is strong and independent, fun, and a crazy party girl. Will she accept her faith?
Link : 1



Fantatsical: Wings


Thank you for creating this thread.
Here is my story:
Title- Fantastical: The Mermaid
Author: Rahdia
Genre: Fantasy
Style: INK
PLOT: Kyle is a chef always searching for new and exotic ways to expand his cooking style. One day while searching for fish, his boat accidentally crashes. Kyle falls into the forbidden waters of Gaya where he meets the guardian of the sea.


Here is my story :slight_smile: Thanks for reading!

Title: Fantastical: Hidden Shadows
Author: Anyanka
Style: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
Description: Anna has believed in angels her whole life. While she discovers her powers and truths she never knew were hidden, her angel fights off the shadows lurking from the dark.

You can follow my Instagram account for updates and sneak peeks:


Who did your cover art?


I made it myself :slight_smile:


Wow. You’re really talented. Do you do requests if you’re given full credit?