Fantastical: Demigods

Hey everyone! I just wrote a new story for the Fantastical contest called Fantastical: Demigods. Here’s the description:

In a world in which myths become reality, will Ally, a fearless and powerful demigod save it, or destroy it? (CC+CHOICES MATTER)

If you do end up reading it, you can discuss it bellow. Do you think you’ll read it?

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Is it complete ? And what style it is?

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Do you want a r4r ?

I don’t fan of read 4 read , but I will if you want
What is name of your story?

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Hey! I would really appreciate if you’ll read my story :slight_smile:

Story Name: Fantastical: Mysterious Investigation
Author’s Name: Lawful Evil
Description: People are missing in Innsmoot, the monster lives in the forest. Who’s behind all this? ~CC~
Style: Limelight

I will but it will take time , because I just get 2-3 hrs internet a day…
So when I read it I will tell you what I like about your story here😉

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Here is mine ( if you want to check out )
Title —> Choose!!!
Genra —> adventure and little sci-fi
No. Of episode —> 3 (complete)
Description —> you always wanted a chance!! Ting-ding!!! You get one but will you succeed or face defeat???
(No cc)
Style —> ink

:blush: welcome

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Hey! would you be interested in a Read4read?

Sure! Do you have instagram so I can dm you a screen shot of each chapter?

It’s not complete. The style is Limelight

Yeah! here’s my Instagram: pmarroquin.episode

I’m also doing a Fantastical story called Fantastical: A Life’s Journey. Are you willing to do a Read for Read?

Title - Fantastical : The hidden powers
Genre - Fantasy
Author - @BadassSaasha and @jassie12dw

If you are willing to do a read for read for all three chapters I would be happy to read your story.

I’d love to do a read4read - if you’re up for it message me :slight_smile:

Fantastical: Nature’s caprices
Episodes: 3 (4 will be out this week)
Style: Ink
Extras: CC, choices matter, LGBT, several love interests
Description: Ana’s world is turning upside down when she finds out that she’s one of nature’s caprices - and if that isn’t enough, something seems to be off with her powers.

@Ryan can you close this thread? Thank you!