Fantastical: Falling From Grace

Hey guys! I recently just published a story in collaboration with. @BLUE2109 . Please read, support, send screenshots, and share! I hope you enjoy! If you post on Instagram or leave fanmail, I’ll read a story of yours as well!

Link to story Here it is!


I saw the cover on instagram…
Whoever made it hands off to her…


Our own very talented @BLUE2109 made it. :wink:

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Should have guessed it…


Hey Faith (and Blue if you’re here)! Miss me?! I know you did. :blush:

Shouldn’t the story be published closer to the deadline so the reader whatever it’s called counts? :thinking:

~ :snowflake:

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Reader’s retention…:joy::joy:

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Thank you!

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Yeah, that! :joy:

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Just stating what’s true…:blush::blush:


So are we taking it down @WinterMoon05 @BLUE2109

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We probably should so we can get as much reader retention as possible. Since we can’t take it down, maybe have a password for the first episode which only we will know. :wink:

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What is reader retention? :sob::sob:

Lol. If the readers keep reading the next chapters.

I’m a new writer If you’d like to read please read my story. :blush:

Title - Neighbour’s Daddy

Episode - 5 (ongoing)

Author Name - K D King

Instagram - @k.d_king_episode

Cover - NEIGHBOURS_DADDY_posterThumb_T30ndexRMI

Plot - Claire decided not to fall in love again, but nothing helps her to not fall for her hot neighbor. Is " He" ready for love in his life? what will happen when the moon fall for the sun?

Link -

Genre - Romance

Hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

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I’ll give it a read!

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thank you so much…:blush: