Fantastical: Flora

Hi! Here’s my entry for the fantastical contest, which is also my very first contest entry. I hope you enjoy it!



In-app description: In a world where magic is banned, Flora finds herself sacrificing everything to help a group of rebels overthrow a ruthless and tyrannical king.
Full description: Flora has lived in the palace her whole life, working as a handmaiden for the princess. The only thing she knows about the world beyond the city gates is that it is beautiful - and dangerous. For a hundred years, magic folk have been ostracised and killed by laws enforced by the cruel king and his ancestors, and people are starting to fight back. When an opportunity arises for Flora to leave the city for the first time, she is immediately drawn into the battle for justice and equality, and discovers the truth about her estranged father while fighting for her life.

Why you should read my story: (I’m a little biased)

  • I worked really hard on it lol - the first couple chapters are much shorter and don’t use many overlays or advanced directing, but in the third chapter I really tried to dip my toes in and use overlays for the first time for special effects and I think the result is pretty good
  • There is a diverse cast - you get the chance to customise Flora, but as you can see from the cover, I see her (and have always seen her) as a brown girl. Both love interests are PoC, and you also get the chance to choose Flora’s sexuality (though you don’t have to be romantic with them at all and can also choose not to be with anyone at all at the end of the story if you want that too)
  • There’s a hidden meaning??? Kind of??? When I first started the story, I didn’t mean for there to be, but as I started developing it more it became clear that the story itself was an allegory for something deeper - in this case, it’s racism. That’s not something I’ve seen much, and I think it’s important for stories on a platform as big as Episode to be more than just stories (i know it’s not that deep but like …,.,. also it is)
  • Meaningful choices and the point system - you have points with different characters, and the choices you make will also determine the outcome of the story. Not only does the fate of Flora’s kingdom lie in your hands, so do the lives of 90% of the characters (: no pressure (:

If you choose to read my story, I really hope you enjoy it! Any feedback is appreciated, either on the forums or on instagram (I love it when people post screenshots as they read and tag me with their comments lol), and if you want to do r4r, just say!

(also my instagram is @minaa.episode if you want to follow me)


I’ll read it. No r4r necessary :blush:

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Thank you so much, i hope you enjoy it :heartbeat:


btw who made your cover

I did it myself (: