Fantasy art scenes wanted


I’m writing a fantasy story filled with vampires, witches, warewolfs and so much more. Can anybody help me out wit some art scenes to go with it?

I need someone willing to help throughout the series, it consits of 5 books and two seasons in each.

Please send me a message on IG if you are willing to help.

Are you looking for free art or commissions?

It’s free, I’m looking for because I can’t pay anybody

Okay :slight_smile: I might suggest taking a look through the “share your art thread” and see if anyone’s art leaps out at you and perhaps PM them to see if they are taking requests.
Maybe some of the shops too, although the issue with shops is they may not be able to meet the timeline throughout the entire story :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t know how to do that, and the last ‘shop’ I went to, it was all wrong

I’ll PM you quickly here rather than clog up your thread :slight_smile:

Thanks xx

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