Fantasy Background Help



Hallo! Guten Tag!
For the opening scene of my new fantasy story “The Devil’s Dirty Work” I need a really ominous-looking psychic’s room, where the main focus is a crystal ball. It would be great if anyone can tell me how to make a background that still looks in the episode style.
Or even if you want to, possibly make one for me?
If you do the second option, pm me what you will enjoy in return.


Guten Tag
Your German and I can hel\p


@lanafrazer_episode can help you I think :slight_smile:


You’re German too?
And that would be great


I am not German but I do know the language a little


Hm. Like fortune teller room and look at the crystal ball in the background? Do you want that crystal ball?


Yeah like that.
Is that an episode original background?
I recall them having one but I cannot find it.


This is my background that I created. And the fortune teller background I think they do have.


This is the fortune teller background they have.


I edited this one a couple of days ago. I would be more than happy to create you one if you could provide some details! I could also make any changes to this one.


woah! Nice!


Oh okay! Danke very much!
Can you possibly make me one but more dark green/blue and black based, with almost like a dim, eerie scenery. And almost like illuminati symbols hidden everywhere?
Just basically very, very weird.
If you need anymore details just ask.
And I’ll shout you out in most of my chapters.
What else would you like in return?


You don’t need to credit me, and I don’t need anything else in return lol. Just for clarification, would you like me to edit the episode background or just create something completely new? I would probably recommend a completely new one, but it is totally up to you.


Sorry, I have just a few more questions. Would you like it to be cluttered or tidy? Are you looking for more of a tent or a room? If you have any other details that you would like me to include, that would be great. I’m really looking forward to making this lol


Just a new one. Tidy, and more of a room. Oh and can you add candles everywhere!? That is all I really want. Danke very very much!


And you can take however long you want, It always takes me a while to write the first episode of stories anyways.