Fantasy backgrounds (and backgrounds from patreon


Are there any artist who make fantasy backgrounds? And I don’t really understand what patreon is… if I pay every month for a artist, will I be able to use everything they post (backgrounds) or do I have to pay for those backgrounds individually?

Thanks in advance UwU

it depends. usually background artists create tiers (levels) with different prices. e g. tier 1- basic backgrounds maybe $5/month tier 2- premium and basic backgrounds $10/month tier 3- premium, basic, exclusive and custom backgrounds $20/month

but not everyone does this. they also use Kofi which us a one time payment for some backgrounds

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Do you know a few good artists who uses patreon?

Are you looking only for fantasy backgrounds for Patreon as well? Because I know a few great creators that have Patreons but only one has a few fantasy backgrounds on hers (mostly castle and garden bgs tho)

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With Patreon, it’s a monthly subscription so once you’re a patron, you’ll have access to the content in whatever tier you selected. You can download whatever is there and use it if they’re backgrounds and overlays, but you can also cancel your subscription (and come back to it later… or not). It’s not something you’ll be locked into if you don’t want to be but your access to the tier will be revoked once you’re no longer a patron.

I’m pretty sure you can also decrease or increase your patronage at any time too. :thinking:

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Mostly for fantasy but urban backgrounds are also fine.

Creators that I know of and recommend are amepisode (who has some fantasy bgs), catthegirl and ellebadu (she has a palace bg and i think two garden style bgs that might work too)!

J.Miley does

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