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Supernatural beings exits, some of them can be dangerious so that’s why Fantasy Department is created. This Department goal is to protect human world from supernatural. FD agents help to police investigate cases conected with supernaturals beings, on the free time they just enjoy life. In this RP you can be supernatural being, superhuman, hunter, FD agent or just normal human.

Agent is job not creature, so supernaturals also can be agents


  1. Cursing is allowed, but please, please put a little * over one of the letters.
  2. Romance is encouraged, but do not include inappropriate scenes.
  3. No real drama on the roleplay.
  4. Please do not make drastic changes without consulting me first.
  5. No homophobic, or racist characters. I don’t care that this is ‘just a roleplay’ that is offensive.
  7. Add as many characters as you please.

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@rvaleria322 @BrookieK @C_ssie @UltimaW @ThatRandomPerson @livvy613 @Art3Miss @wildstyle103 @fal.renet1398 @Ella

Fantasy Department - Official RP thread

Can I reserve for a supernatural person? And an agent?




Reserve supernatural please :blush:


Reserve supernatural please


can i reserve for agent and supernatural for when i return to rping?


Of course :wink:


@livvy613 says she wants to reserve for a supernatural and a human


I submit a 2 chars…

And I should be back to RP’ing tomorrow…


@Art3Miss send me PM your FC


I will, I just a second or two.


No one wants to create agent character?


i did… am i alone?


You sure you did? Because it’s not showing to me


im doing it rn before i go to bed :grin:


@BrookieK Oh I get that now. Yeah you and @ThatRandomPerson reserved for agent


Can you make more than one character?


Yeah… says so on the first post.


I’m so blind!


I’ve signed up as a witch!