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Hazel - Neverland

“Yeah, well, it’s a bit hard to think of your happiest memory when they’re all pretty depressing,” Hazel sulked, bobbing along in the water. “Yes, a tour would be just wonderful, I’d love to see what Neverland has to offer.” And Hazel meant it too, she had to find something rare and alluring to give to that man for killing her mother.


Camille - Munchkin County, Oz

“Me? Fingerprints? Yes, of course. That shouldn’t be too hard,” Camille agreed quickly, before anyone tried to take this role away from her… Except, she didn’t really understand what finger prints were. She didn’t have any. No one back home had any. They were all made of glass. “You mean of the victim, right? You, um, want me to put this on his fingers and then… write it on the paper or something?” Camille then asked sheepishly. “Sorry, I, uh…don’t get out much,” she admitted.



Wyatt Lewis - Wonderland
I shrugged slightly. “I do have a mom. I just have a dad that’s missing, but he might be dead. My siblings probably would have gone there to try and find him.” I smiled at him. “She might be. I don’t know for sure though…”


Peckerhead Scarecrow || Eastern Oz
“Fingerprints!”, Peckerhead mouthed while looking down at her own hands. She wasn’t sure what they were, did she have them? She raised her hand so that the others knew she was talking. “I can draw my hand. Like a print of my fingers. Does anyone have paper so I can show you?” She wiggled her fingers and became a little more excited. “Then once I show you all that, we can all go to the mountains.”

@ScarletSwanHunter - Jennie and Mica
@amberose - Princess Camille
@Coolepisodes - Evanora

Leo the Lion and Ervic, of the West || Western Oz
To anyone watching, it didn’t seem possible for Ervic’s smirk to get any larger, but it did. Soon he would need a bigger head just so he could continue smirking. “Yes, L… L… Leo,” he mocked. “Tell me, go ahead, stand up to me. Go back on our deal, this would please me so much, Leo. Or better yet, why don’t you tell the annoying, stubborn little girl how the ‘great’ prince of the forest made a deal and is working with me.” He took a step toward them. “Go on, tell her.” Leo stayed silent, but tears continued to fall. “No? Pathetic. Stop trying to act brave, Jessica. You’re out of your element here.”

@amberose - Jessica Jamb

Gayelette, of the South || East, Oz/Air
“If you stress or worry then the bubble will pop,” Gayelette told Joshua in her normal calm tone. Looking over at Gary, she could tell he was doing fine, but Joshua was going to start panicking when the winds picked up. She needed something to relax him. “Your sister…” she said to Joshua, then closed her eyes. The one good thing came from being the daughter of the most powerful Oz witch, was that if she really needed to then she could tap into her rather strong magic. She closed her eyes and imaged a mental GPS of Oz. “… Your sister is well. She’s on foot and has… friendly company.”

@amberose - Joshua Jamb
@ScarletSwanHunter - Gary

Wilhelm || Village, Grimm
Wilhelm panted, though it was harder to catch his breath with all the smoke around them. Bent over, with his hands on his knees, he lifted one arm toward them and gestured for them to come closer. “Come… We must… be going.” After a moment or two, he crouched down low to avoid the smoke. “You must get out, come with me.”

@ScarletSwanHunter - Ivan the butcher and his family
@QueenChid - Ilse Kühn

Tumbledove and Blue || Jungle, Neverland
Blue’s face lit up at Fin’s funny expression. His eyes were still glassy and trying to hold back tears, but he let out a small giggle and that helped. He tried to put on a brave face and gave Fin a “tough guy” nod. “I’m big. I can do what n-e-fing.”
Still hovering high in the air, Tumbledove replied angrily again, “It’s Tumbledove, Pan.” As Peter pulled back the shrubbery, he peered through. He honestly had no idea what this was. He had been to or seen this place before. How is this possible? But he couldn’t let Peter know this. He leaned back on his hands in the air and spoke smugly, “Of course I do. But why should I tell you? You want to find out then go inside.”

@ScarletSwanHunter - Peter and Lost Boys.

Tipsy Turtle || Beach, Wonderland
Tipsy Turtle looked eager, finally he could help too. “What do yoo know abowt yoor dad? Do yoo know 'is naym or sumthing? Do yoor seb-blings know abowt 'im? Shood we go arsk the seb-bling? What is a seb-bling? Or shood we go look sumwhere else?”

@Littlefeets - Wyatt Lexis


Wyatt Lewis - Wonderland
I smiled at Tipsy Turtle. “I know a lot about my dad, but he disappeared a long time ago. A sibling is a brother or a sister. I have a twin brother and a younger sister. But we don’t know enough to try and find him even if we could. But maybe my mom could help us find your mummy. Maybe my mom would know her, or at least be able to help. She has met a lot of people so maybe?”


~ Sinful ‘Skit’ The Deathless ~ Wonderland - Fungal Forest

Skit had been walking through the Fungal Forest for quite some time, however, he had is goal. (Which was to talk to Katia, who had been recommended to him through a friend). It was likely she wasn’t going to help him find an object that Wonderland likely had, and Katia would be the perfect guide. Skit had heard the people in Wonderland spoke in riddles, and he was worried they would speak in riddles- he barely understood English- Riddles would be a new level for him. This was not his first time traveling between the lands, but he felt as if some side effect was inside of him. Perhaps it was just anxiety. He stops at a large mushroom, much much taller than him. “H-Hello? Is anyone up there?”



Jacques Peltier || Grimm - Beast’s Castle Garden

“Yeah, the author really must have.” He said. “I’ve never been in love before. But the way they put it makes it seem wonderful.” He forced himself not to offer a small smile. He didn’t want to smile in front of Cassia. Not sure why, he just didn’t want to. He then nodded a little bit when she offered to continue together. “I assume by this knowledge you’ve read this book before?” He then asked.




Evanora looked at Peckerhead. “Do you know what fingerprints are…?” Evanora says, testing Peckhead… even though she knows that she doesn’t know what they are. Okay, Evanora… Can’t everyone have a try? Evanora shows Peckerhead what fingerprints are, after she replies.

@CrazyCaliope ~ Peckerhead
@ScarletSwanHunter ~ Jennie and Mica
@amberose ~ Princess Camille

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Tipsy Turtle || Beach, Wonderland
“A bratha AND a sista, that’s really la-key. I don’t think I 'ave any seb-blings,” Tipsy Turtle told him disappointedly. But then perked up again as he remembered the hole he’d crawled out of. “Tho there were otha brokin eggs arownd me, so maybe I do 'ave sum. … Shood we go to 'er now then? Where is she?”

@Littlefeets - Wyatt Lexis

Katia Pillar || Fungal Forest, Wonderland
With the mouthpiece of the hookah between her lips as she slept, smoke escaped with every exhale she took. Katia woke abruptly when a voice called out, “H-Hello? Is anyone up there?” “Oh, not again,” she groaned. Why do people not understand that this is my afternoon off?
Taking a few long puffs while allowing her eyes to adjust to the light, she eventually rolled over and crawled to the edge of her mushroom. Once again, Katia looked down over her mushroom at the person below, resting on two of her arms and holding the pipe of her hookah in another. “Why are you asking? If you’re here for therapy then you can come back tomorrow, first thing?”

@FallenAngelNight13 - Sinful ‘Skit’ The Deathless


Erick - Grimm {Castle}

“For a dancer I would’ve thought you’d be better on your feet.” He teased. “Just so you know I’m never letting that go.” Hearing her question, he stopped to think. “Nothing much… Mostly spend time in here. It’s quiet in here. I read if there’s something in braille… And I try to sneak out every now and then.” Erick shrugged, feeling around for a caramel. “Next question. If you could have a superpower, what would you have?”



.: Raven | Grimm | Noble’s Masquerade :.
“Lovely to make your acquaintance, Coco,” Raven smiled, showing off her teeth which seemed perfect to the point where it looked vicious and brooding. That doesn’t sound like a noble name… perhaps it is a nickname of sorts then? “And yes, the daughter of the Evil Queen at this party. I’m only here seeing as there were no balls being hosted by a king or queen of some country. Plus, why not, there isn’t any-” she paused as she slowly took a sip of her glass. “This is a… village party? Of course, it is, I knew that,” Raven corrected as her grip tightened on her glass. Explains quite a bit. She even heard a little clink as the glass cracked slightly, causing her to loosen her grip on it. “Mm… well I suppose this is quite well for a mere… commoner party.”


.: Calico | Narnia :.
“I simply try and learn more and appreciate the… quaint cultures of the world,” he said as he sipped his tea. “Presently, I hold no… no occupation though if I stay somewhere for more than few days I take one up. It’s not easy travelling without any currency after all,” Calico explained as he pondered what would have taken place if he had simply stayed in Wonderland. If he had stayed and lived there, maybe even embraced his insanity. Would he have had to take up odd jobs to stay in comfort to find a place to call home? No, I would not have but at least now I have the opportunity to become a sane and normal citizen of the world. Sanity is dull and you know it! Insanity is unpredictable, unprecedented, unimaginable! It's perfect! Maybe to you but some of us want to be productive citizens, not rash nuisances. He snapped back as he watched the beaver run off. I suppose I’ll wait for him to return with… biscuits?



~ Sinful ‘Skit’ The Deathless ~ Wonderland - Fungal Forest

Skit looks up at her, she was nothing what he was expecting and wasn’t sure if she was even the right person. “Are you Katia the Pillar?” Skit asks, “I need her.” Skit stomps, rather childish starts to whine, “Now. I need her now. I can’t wait till morning. Now! Please help me.” Skit takes a deep breath- and holds his breath creating chipmunk cheeks - and his cheeks start to turn red.

@CrazyCaliope - Katia Pillar


:bow_and_arrow: Ilse Kühn || Village, Grimm

She nodded quickly, before taking off to the river with the buckets in her hands. She knelt down and started filling both of the buckets, sighing. We aren’t making much progress. She slowly got to her feet, and then started heading back. She wondered to herself if there was a quicker way to extinguish the fire. Ilse hoped that they would be able to put out enough of the fire so that the man’s house would be easily repaired, but by this point, she wasn’t sure. She got back and she handed a bucket to the man. With the other one, she ventured closer to the front door, tossing water on the flames there.



:wolf:Dean Grey - Grimm - Rapunzel’s Castle:
He was out of the carriage now, looking as if he himself had been attacked by a wolf. The servant who had drove them was defintely nervous. And it only amused him. With one movement he’d flinch, and Dean would snicker. His eyes traveled the majestic and giant castle before pulling his eyes away from it to look at the petite girl. He only glanced in her direction at her question and sighed before answering. “I’m not picky. Anything will do. As for my measurements…” he looked down at his messy state before raising a brow. she wouldn’t have to measure him right? “I’ll make it fit,” he replied quickly.

:1st_place_medal:Adam Pea - Grimm - ???:
Adam’s royal advisors had been sure to well, advise Adam of the little situation within Grimm.
“A dragon?” He’d said in an unusually calm tone. “Then why not just inform it that this space is respectfully taken-”
“They’re not exactly reasonable dealers.” He’d made a fuss and grumbled about the whole ordeal but he was eventually sent out on the unnecessary journey to manhood. After hours of heading towards its last known location Adam could no longer take the carriage ride. He was impatient. And the time had come for the thing he had worried about the most; he needed to relieve himself. “In these disgusting tree-filled woods,” he grumbled as he stepped out of the carriage. A guard followed closely and he looked at him with an icy cold glare. “I demand privacy.”
The guard stayed back like the obedient dog he was and Adam continued on.
“Whew. Ok. Ok. It’s just the woods…no ones watching…just like my strawberry scented washroom at home it will be fine-”
“Did you see which way it went. The golden dragon, which way did it go?”
His voice made an unnatural squeak and he quickly moved his hands away from his trousers and placed his fists up as he tried to catch his breath from the fright. “I have guards you best leave you lowly peasant-”
He finally looked at the boy. Quite the handsome morsel for a peasant…of course not as beautiful as him but… he cleared his throat and had to make sure he hadn’t just releived himself right there. Adam looked in the direction the boy pointed, where a grey thick smoke could be seen. His eyes widened at the sight. “Dear God the dragon…” as if it hadn’t been a reality that there was a beast on the loose, it was real now.
“You. Peasant boy. You worry over one house but we have a more serious problem here.” He stood up straighter and began making his way back to the carriage until he heard a girl calling out to them. “Why hello there! I’m-” she was told to be quiet as they gave awkward smiles and held a hand up. “Apologies sir-”
“Are you stealing that girl?” Adam asked in confusion.

:duck:Adley Goose - Grimm:
She had her hands in front of her as the two men guided her along the forest path. She was singing a tune and they kept giving her strange looks. “Shut it with the singing!”
Adley furrowed her brows. “But why? I’m just trying to relax you. I can see you all are very worried! May I be of use?”
“You can turn into a fucking goose already. That’s what you can do.”
Adley pursed her lips before pondering for a moment. “How does one become a…fucking goose?”
Both men growled in annoyance and continued dragging her along. Suddenly she heard the loud beating of wings right above her, and the men screamed out loudly. Adley looked up, her eyes sparkling. “I think it’s my cousin!” The big dragon flew off, barely giving them a glance. Both the men were still shaking in fear as they dragged her further, hoping to get away. She spotted two young men farther off and gave a bright smile. “Well hello there! I’m Adl-”
“Shut it!” One man hissed. She gave a pout.
They both raised a waving hand and forced smile as the continued on at a quicker pace. “Aplogies sir-”
“Are you stealing that girl?” The blonde man asked.
Adley gave a huge grin. “Yes! Yes they are! I think they said we’re going somewhere far far away! It sounds exciting! Would you like to join?”
The blonde man furrowed his brows but looked back to his companion. “Peasant. Save this girl.”

:rose:Elsie Fitcher - Grimm - ummmm…somewhere:
She was singing loudly as she twirled gracefully through the wood, touching each flower petal with gentle finesse. She was a pretty little princess with the flower crown she’d made, and no one could tell her otherwise. She wholeheartedly believed it. She was meant to- a bird started humming along and her eye twitched slightly before she gave a wide grin. She began singing with it, inching closer as she danced until she reached it and grabbed it around the neck.
She screamed. The bird started slapping her in the face with his wings but she kept hold, her eyes growing more furious. “WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN RUIN MY SONG LIKE THAT? Do you think you’re BETTER than me?!”
She finally let it go but it fell to the ground and she cleared her throat, simply lifting up her chin and beginning her singing again as she made her way through the wood. That was until she spotted a man and woman discussing a masquerade ball.
She immediately pictured all the princes she’d meet…and the possibility of stealing a princesses crown. That is who went to masquerade balls right? She quickly made her way to the location but realized people were getting through with invitations. She pouted and crossed her arms, moving towards the entrance anyways.

ORP: approachable - guess I’m just waiting for the quest to start?

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Peckerhead Scarecrow || Eastern Oz
When the witch asked her if she knew what fingerprints were, she shook her head. Then she showed her and Peckerhead couldn’t help but stare at them in wonder and compare them to her own hands. “So, is the reason that I don’t have fingerprints because I’m not of blood and bone, and only made of straw? If so, why couldn’t I have been made with straw fingerprints? Wait, are they useful? What are they used for?”

@Coolepisodes - Evanora
@ScarletSwanHunter - Jennie and Mica
@amberose - Princess Camille

Fluff-Foot Beaver || His B&B, Narnia
“So what… jobs… when you… a few days?”, he asked while scurrying around the kitchen, fetching biscuits. He only became aware that Calico probably couldn’t hear him in the kitchen, as he reentered the room. “Sorry, I was just wondering what types of jobs you partake in when you decide to stay in a land for a few days?” He placed the plate of biscuits on the tea tray and plonks himself back down on the chair. “Also, as you can probably tell, I love to hear about people’s travels, so which lands have you been to?”

@TheBluGeek - Calico Cat

Katia Pillar || Fungal Forest, Wonderland
“I am not a pillar,” Katia stately slowly but rather abruptly too. “Pillars hold up buildings. My name is Katia Pillar, daughter of the Blue Caterpillar.” Then she muttered quietly, “Or the Blue Butterfly as he’s known now.” She took a long inhale from her pipe, then the smoke left her mouth as she spoke again, “One needs a day off. Tomorrow it must be.”

@FallenAngelNight13 - Sinful ‘Skit’ The Deathless



“Well, Scarecrows don’t have fingerprints, and… Fingerprints are for criminal investigations, like if someone stole a diamond or something, and was holding a mirror, I guess… the police will investigate it, also it can be used with Forensic scientists.” She explains, Evanora sighs, hoping she wouldn’t ask anymore questions.



Wyatt Lewis - Wonderland
“Yeah you probably do have some siblings then since there were more eggs.” I smiled. “My mom is probably at home, unless she’s somewhere else. But if you want to we can go talk to her. I can carry you since you’re so little too.”


Faline Spring - Grimm
I looked at Adrian’s horse. That horse is pretty big… it’s a bit intimidating… “Well I would be happy to go anywhere. I just would like doing something though. I am just curious what all there is around to see or do.”



Quests :shield:

NPC - HERBS {Fairy}

She pouted playful, “Aw, poor thing. Well if you can’t come up with anything then you’re going to have to swim to shore. I can’t help you if you can’t think of something that makes you happy.” The fairy shrugged, “So then, are we swimming or flying?”


He smiled down at her and replied, “You put the ink on his fingers and pressed his finger to the paper, do that to each finger and we should be all good to go. And we’ll be able to identify him.” He sighed looking down at the body again. Jennie on the other hand shook her head at the little girl.
“You might not have finger prints but it’s a lot easier to identify you then Mr. Munchkin here. There are hundreds of Munchkins. And only one,” She reached over with a gloved hand and ruffled the little girls hair, “of you.” She smiled.


NPC - GOLDEN DRAGON {Ivan’s Family}

The mother and child got up on shaky legs and Ivan’s wife pushed their daughter into the blond boys arm hoping her would keep her safe, “Take her out first please. Whatever you do, make sure she is safe.” Wood behind them crumbled and fell as the woman and child shrieked.


NPC - HERBS {Peter Pan}

Fin smiled when he saw Blue light up again, “Good, I know you can.” He took Blue’s hand and pulled him up from the ground, “Come on, we don’t wanna get left behind right.”
“Turtledove sounds cuter.” He shrugged walked past the sheet of leaves and into the dark jungle that have came up out of thin air, “Shall we then go on a wild adventure!” He grinned, “You should tell me, because you are leading the way!” He climbed up some trees as he talked, snatching up Tumbledove again, “And you’re coming with us.” Against objections, the boys started inside the dark jungle.


NPC - BALL {Seamstress}

She nodded going back inside before returning with some fresh clothes for the man as well as everything to take care of his wound. “Up… you may have to remove some things for me to… stitch that up… it’s very deep oh dear…” She bit her lip threading the needle.


Jaxon ~ Grimm || ROAD

He growled, “I’m worried because my sister is in that house you prick.” He was sure he would punch this guy if he had met him under any other circumstances that was for sure. But he had to get to Lexi, if anything happened to her. Well he wasn’t sure what he would do. “Will you stop it with the peasant!”

@jdepisode - No clue what is happening anymore I’ll give you that much…

Replies :fountain_pen:


She shook her head feeling the soft pages, “I haven’t either, but if I ever do, I really do hope it’s something like this. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. A love so great you can write about it.” She smiled to herself before meeting his eyes again, “A few years ago… I haven’t seen a copy of it since, and even back then I had to track it down to get my hands on it.” She inched closer and started to read on.


Nicolette - Grimm || CASTLE

“And for a blind guy you sure seem to judge quite a bit hmm? Didn’t know you were planning on holding this grudge for that long.” She thought about it, “Easy… I would want teleportation. That way I get to see everything, go anywhere, and no one can stop me.” She picked up a chocolate, “Your turn. Same question.”

@Briar.R - Time skip soon or??

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Coco/Grimm/Noble’s Masquerade
Coco took in her words, and couldn’t help but hide her laughter. It was always funny trying to see someone of royalty try to sound normal.” You know…you don’t have to speak to me like I’m your ambassador. Unless that’s how you normally speak?” Once Raven explained her reason for being here Coco nodded slowly.” I guess that makes sense then. Well I’m sure you’ll have fun.” Before she could finish off her drink she heard the tiny crack in the glass. She glanced over at her hand, and smiled. Just keep smiling…this girl is something.” Ya know you drink out the cups not break them.” She had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. Of course she’ll break a cup she’s a queen’s daughter. Before she could utter anything else she gaped at her last words. Commoner party? Mere?! She had to hide the urge of her eye twitching and summoning her pig to drag this girl out.” Excuse me? What’s that suppose to mean?” She forced a smile on her face as she eyed her.Hm a preppy princess pie…sounds appetising.


Jacques Peltier || Grimm - Beast’s Castle Garden

“I hope so too.” He mumbled, more to himself than anything. He read along with her silently for a while, wondering what she was thinking every so often. He wasn’t used to being near anyone else, especially not someone who was around his age. Or was female, for that matter. No, remember father’s words. ‘Appearances can be deceiving and in this world you may not know who’s out to trick you.’ He leaned away from Cassia as his words rang in his head. He put his hands on the book and gently began to pull it away from her. “I’d like it back now.”


Adrian White || Grimm

He thought for a moment. “Well, there are a few different places we could go,” he began. “If we’re speaking only in Grimm, there are marketplaces and different kingdoms, and weird areas with questionable people.” He said. “Although I do know this one good spot. Not too populated, and it looks nice.” He said.



~ Sinful ‘Skit’ The Deathless ~ Wonderland - Fungal Forest

Skit continues to hold his breath. Waiting for her to say something about his temperment- but as soon as she admits to being Katia Pillar he gasps for breath. He watches her smoke for a bit as he gathers his thoughts. “Smoking. Bad. Sinful.” He points to her pipe, “You’ll rot in hell in approximately seven days, then there will be gosh-bones-darn left. Maybe skin… I don’t know.” Skit then stomps his foot again, “Tomorrow it cannot, Yesterday it need be!” He decides to hold his breath once again.

@CrazyCaliope - Katia Pillar