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Dear oh dear :joy: This does bring up the question of, what other ships are there that people ship… Great now I’m curious ahhh~ I mean, it just started, so I have no clue if people ship anyone yet.

Makes sense. Glad I could help.


HAHAHA! For me, it is too early to 'ship others. Though I see A LOT of potential 'ships, especially with Erick and Nicolette!



I think I am ready to approach people, @CrazyCaliope could I approach any of your chars? If so do you have a preference (hehe I promise I’ll do a friendly character for once hahah)


@TheBluGeek I’d love to approach Mira if they are approachable still :blush:


Same on both, like it’s to early, but potential is everywhere. As for Nicolette and Erick, let’s just say Briar and I have plans :wink: Should be fun.

OH MY GOD! Red alert! RED ALERT!

Also Fallen, if you want I have approachable characters as well, have fun!


Sure, I submitted three out of the four I reserved. I plan on submitting the fourth like tomorrow

also, on a side note, should I make my final person a male or a female?


HAHAHAHA! Nah, no preference, take your pick from the list above. :wink:
What are you talking about? Tanner was friendly, he was just talking to an antisocial character! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ooooh… That’s not fair. You can’t drop hints like that and NOT share… I wanna know now! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:



Yup, I have to put in your third character. Do you want to place any of them in any of the quests since Blu’s character Mira is on one of the quests?

And I would say a female.

You will no in time sweet child, you must be patient. All I know is… I’m going to have wayyy to much fun with it. Mwahahahha!


But but but… I wanna KNOW NOW! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: Tell me, Tell Me, Tell Me NOW!


Hmm sure, I could do a quest… how about with Crow? I’m dying to try him out. (He’s the third character :3)


@ScarletSwanHunter, what is Aiden Carter up to? Like what are they doing atm


Oh, yeah sure thing! These are the quests: Here
Pick which ever you think he would do. @FallenAngelNight13

Aiden? He is gambling at a pub at the moment in the Land Between.


In time my child! All I will say is it involves rings. That’s is you clue.


Link the Quest on the RP thread because this one you haven’t updated, love. :wink:

Nooooooo, I dislike solving puzzles. GAH!


Changed thanks! I only booked marked that one so I thought it was the right one haha.

I thought you would like puzzles!? :joy::joy:


All good, no worries. :wink:

I love creating them for people but I don’t enjoy playing detective. Reading people can be easy (if I actually put my mind to it), but finding/solving is just not fun for me. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Yeah I can understand that. I don’t like detective either because I suck at it. Reading people can be a little fun sometimes.


Umm… Peckerhead is too innocent and young to know what fingerprints are, so she is literally wanting to trace her own hand. Are you sure want Evanora to give her the paper?


Oof, sorry, I am very tired, let me change it.


Sorry Fallen, Mira is with Coco right now!