Fantasy MAIN places going (replaces prevouis version)

tease are the aimals u can pick just paste the image and ill tell u what it is also please give me a photo of the teen version o them real humans would be great 1 2 5 wolfs Wolf1 dark%20angel1 images2K29X3XS exsample%202 exsample%203 Fairy imagesCS3J56XL imagesM1LQW0LG imagesNE7KZKYW wertyuijuhgf

places avalible request for animals and places avalible more coming
best friend boy
fairy princess
fairy queen
dragon keeper
Dragon trainer
bully who was a friend
bully 2
bully 3
princepal / phoniex queen
blogger kid ( boy or girl) ( sharing others secrets on the vlog )
the partiers 1 2 3
the drama club ( 5 places for ppl )
Main Teacher ( Almost in every sence)
Harley quins kid