Fantasy Names for Characters and Title Suggestions


I am looking for names for characters in my new fantasy story where there will be the following:
• A Queen
• A human who will eventually become a prince
• A Princess
• A King

If you have any suggestions for either or all characters, please comment.

I’m also looking for title suggestions for this story, if you have any ideas, let me know.


Nate/Nathan, but when he becomes a prince they refer to him as Nathaniel? Just a quick idea I thought of :smile:


Um you can try thesee



Princess Nokia :wink:


Well depends… How fantasy do you want to go? Do you want super fantasy made up kind of names? Elaborate ones? Simple? Archaic? Is there a culture you prefer to stick to or country? So like Latin or Gaelic? Lol

That being said…

Queen Casseopeia
The human could be Cillian or Desmond.
Princess Ellisandra, Rielle, Colette, or maybe Aoife.
King Ioan, Savek, Brannon, or maybe Galen.


I want somewhat made up names but I can’t come up with any. Simple would be good to have. I’ll elaborate on my story:
The main character is a princess, she is not from Earth, same goes for the King and Queen. However when she goes to Earth, she meets a guy on Earth, eventually later on, she takes him home to meet her mom and dad, the King and Queen of a place I have not come up with yet.


Interesting, I like it! I may use it. Thanks for the suggestion!


Rosamunde, Varya, Dania


Queen Valantina,Salma :joy:
Princess Rose,Diana
Prince Kareem
King Ace


I thought of some more for you

Queen Ariana or Imogen or Genivie
Prince Armin or Hector or Gideon
Princess Lydia or Blair or Cordelia
King Sebastian or Quinten or Nicolas


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Which one did you pick??


Closing per OP request :v:t2: