Fantasy Profile Outfits

I’m having such a hard time finding cute fantasy outfits for your Episode profile. I don’t seem to have the luck everyone else does with the gumball machine, & you know nobody can even come close to affording the ones you can just buy with gems on episode.

Did anyone else spend all their gems thinking you get the special outfits you buy on gem stories for your profile?? For me it’s weird bc I have an outfit from when I played awhile ago that says it was purchased through a book but I have noo idea where it came from. Really if this is a thing, where are these stories at?!

I’m soo confused, & now I’m out of the gems I was saving up bc I tried it again on another outfit just to see, yayy for me :see_no_evil: I just want an outfit I don’t have to settle for & spend a ridiculous amount of gems on. (I didn’t like the few pop of shops going around either) Someone help a girl outt :yum::two_hearts:

There hasn’t been any stories that have outfits available for your profile in a while, but when they do, they usually tell you that you can add it to your profile. Also sometimes episode will tell you on their Instagram if outfits are available for a certain story. I think (I can’t test it out since I’ve reached my replayed limits) the story “The Prince’s Bride” by E R Gurney had a couple of profile outfits and it tells you, I think it was chapter 4 or 5.