Fantasy Questions

Just gonna leave some questions here because I love fantasy books and wanna get other options

What’s your fav fantasy creatures?

Do u prefer action/ fantasy or romance/ fantasy or a bit of both?

Do u like the normal clishè of human and vampier lovers?

Two creatures you would like to see together?

If u can think of any more questions feel free to leave them below

Cat xx


I prefer dark fantasy, but at those two properly action fantasy. romance often get springle in anyway

hate it, vampire romance is not fantasy, its romance, supernatural romance, but romance. just throwing a vampire wont make a story there sole focus on romance a fantasy. same way throwing in a joke wont make it a comedy

so fantasy parings I actually would like to see. vampire and mermaid. werewolf and someone who is demisexual.
also I cant find it but there is a myth about soul made be a bad thing.

advice, specify your fantasy idea. because if you wanna write twilight. advice for a harry potter story is not gonna help you.


I am very fond of vampire, witch, fairy and dragon fantasy stories. I love both fantasy and fantasy-romance.

I enjoy vampire and human clichés but only to a certain degree. I dont like the toxic clichés where the vampire is controlling or otherwise presumes that “they cant be with the human MC because its dangerous or they are not worthy of love from someone as lively as the MC” I especially don’t like it when the vampire MC is overly jelous to the point where they attack other suitors or continuously insists that they know better than the human MC because they’re several hundred years older. Im not very fond of werewolf stories, especially the type where the MC is abused and sexually targeted by the supposed alpha wolf. Im also not very fond of wolf stories in general because a lot of authors have a tendency to justify the “abusive mate or abusive pack” by means of “normal wolf-like behavior.”

The clichés I really enjoy is a gentle old fashioned vampire having a special fondness to one individual MC after a long time-period of not having a steady relationship with others. The vampire may have had temporary relationships, but nothing serious by his choice.

Especially for a personal reason that is noticed by the vampire: This could be a simply because the human MC is different from other humans or even a hidden magical reason. I also enjoy the whole start-crossed-lovers cliché when different magical creatures fall in love. Like vampires and humans, fairies and humans. I especially like the cliché of a vampire that vows or oaths to be reapectful and protective in a healthy way.

Id say that fairies and vampires are less common but could also be something fun to explore. One of my current stories has side characters exploring a vampire/fairy relationship and a lot of my readers have given me a lot of great feedback for it. They think they’re a cute couple.

I love anything revolving dragon stories. Its a less popular fantasy theme but I’ve loved every single dragon story I’ve come across on Episode. The Dragon Bride by Eargreytea is an amazing dragon themed story, to give an example.

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  1. I love mermaids

  2. Action fantasy (but tbh I prefer a comedy based fantasy that’s a mix with a fairytale)

  3. I hate cliches but the trope about human and vampire lovers can be used in very original plots… It doesn’t have to be a twilight story…

  4. The monster of Frankenstein and a haunted doll :flushed:

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Favorite fantasy creature: I don’t know :eye: :lips: :eye:
Action or romance: Action fantasy ftw
Humans and vampires: Personally, I do not prefer this, but there is nothing wrong with such a romance as long as the vampire isn’t like 400 years old and the human is barely the age of majority.
Two creatures I’d like to see together: Mages and aliens shameless self-promotion :crazy_face:


My fav creatures are: unicorns :unicorn:, and mermaids :mermaid:

I love when it is mostly an action fantasy but has a little romance in it :sweat_smile:

I think as long as the characters and story are well written I like them

Two cretures… maybe a fairy and a mermaid like one from the sky and one from underwater how romantic is that :sweat_smile:

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My favorite is anything but vampire and werewolf. I enjoy vampire and werewolf stories, but they’re too many and kinda tired with it. So, maybe, witch/ anything that can fly

I like drama/romance fantasy. I love action if it’s film (not episode)

Cliche is fine, depend of the plot. Usually I skip vampire story, because of I’m fed up with the same drama, but some stories make surprises and engaging plot, so maybe give it try.

I want to see mermaid and dragon together. Lol. Someone pls make a story about it.
I love writing fantasy since I was 12, but I’ll skip with this idea


Elves would be first because they’re a versatile species for stories, then witches and fairies.

I’d say primarily fantasy+action/adventure, but I don’t mind a touch of romance. I also love fantasy+mystery as a combination.

I still like it when handled properly, but I’d say it’s a bit overdone at this point isn’t it.

Oooh I’m thinking potential opposites attract, like a mermaid and a fairy or a dragon even. Wow, imagine a sea dragon and a mermaid :eyes: