Fantasy Role Play


Okay, so this is my first ever post about role play.

So, this story is a fiction (include magics, yes.). I’m not gonna decide the plot. The story flows depending on your writing skills and creativity. So I shall start!


The whole class laughed when their teacher came in, tripping herself. The teacher stood up herself, none of the class even decided to help her. She fixed her glasses.

“Ahem. So…”

“GET OUT, CHADEANA! WE DON’T NEED YOU!” one student threw a crumpled paper on her.


They continued on rallying about Chadeana being their teacher. Chadeana was once their classmate. Everybody hated her, maybe because she was…


I rolled my eyes as Everybody laughed at Ms. Chadeana. I opened my Magicoligy Book and flipped to page 167. After everyone settled down I raised my hand to go to the restroom but as always Ms. Chadeana said no…


I look at her and feel so sad and wonder _I should help her but I need to keep a low profile. _


I saw someone in the corner of my eye slowly stand up from their seat.


I came to Ms. Chadeana, gave her one of the most beautiful necklace I have ever had. She did nothing then her eyes turned into red - blood


Ugh. There’s already people trying to suck up to Ms. Chadeana. Well atleast someone was distracting her so I got the chance to sneak out.



I was shocked when someone just stood up and gave me a necklace. I thought I was the only one whi was shocked, the class stared at me, with their jaw dropped and the eyes bigger than usual. When I shifted my eyes to the girl, she was smirking.


I was so shocked that she just did that the whole room got so quite



I covered my eyes with my palm, and went out of the room.

“What was that?”

I headed to the toilet downstairs. I faced the mirror. My eyes, how come this be possible? Admirable… but terrifying. Then I see a girl, with her arms crossed, still smirking, went inside and stared at me in the mirror. It was the girl who gave me the necklace.

“I know who you are, Ms. Chadeana.”


I looked around after she ran out the room at the other students “What just happened”


“Whew”, I finally had a successful sneak out. I started to walk down the hall then noticed that my shoes were undone. I tied them and then continued walking until I heard the door knob of the classroom open. I turned around to see Mr. Chadeana staring at me…


It’s weird she’s been gone for a while why not just leave.I pick up my stuff and go out the door.


“I know who you are, Chadeana.”

I can’t still stop thinking about what my old classmate… or my student have said. What does she know? If she know who I am, why is she not scared? I haven’t had the time to ask her because she just walked away.

Now I’m staring at a student. She was as mysterious as ever. I didn’t stare longer and was about to ask her.

“WHOO! Thanks to Scarlet, we are free!”

We both turned to look at our side.

“Yeah. It sucks to be taught by a classmate.”

“Or more likely, a LOSER.”

I didn’t stare at them any longer. Without looking at anyone of them, I ran as fast as my tears.


I think about where she’s gone off to and go look for her


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