Fantasy/ Romance Read for Reads!

Hey guys!

I recently published my second story (after the removal of my first, Fallen Fae). It’s all about fantasy, vampires, demons and other mythical creatures.

I’d love to do a few R4R’s- preferably in the fantasy & romance genre!

Story Title: The Otherworld
Author: Klaneso
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 3 (more coming soon.)
Genre: Fantasy & Romance
Description: Starving Vampires, charming Demons, a troubled Queen and a mission that could save them all. Lust, lies and self-discovery await Mira on her plight to save her people. (CC, LL, LGBT)


Hi I’d like to do r4r with you
Title The vampire prince
Author Jojo
Genre Romance
Style Ink
Instagram @joxilove.write
Description After getting your heartbroken, you participate in an online dating website. You find the man of your dreams. But what will happen when you meet him for who he really is?

I’m interested in a r4r! :slight_smile:
Your story sounds like something I would enjoy reading.
I will start by reading yours and I’ll send you screenshots when I’m finished.

here is my story info:

Title: Dark Essence
Episode: 5
Genre: fantasy/romance
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @tldax913.episode
Description: When the darkness inside threatens to break free & destroy everything you hold dear… Will you seek comfort in the ones you love or allow your Dark Essence to take over? (Lim CC)


Hey, I’d love to do R4R. My story is Fantasy Romance and it follows a young orphan girl with the ability to see ghosts as she was Born with a Veil. Her love story will make your heart ache in love-delight and devastation because of a certain frightful twist. What happens when the love of your life becomes a ghost? As she uncovers the truth about who she really is, the more dangerous she becomes…

Story Title: Born with a Veil
Author: Ely
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Style: Limelight
Instagram: ely.episode

We can do a rfr if u wish?
If yes pls tell me how many chapters do u wanna do a rfr.
This is my first one and english is not my first language. The details are below.

Story details

Story Title: Black Hearts And Golden Desires
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Nand is a princess of Solataria, along with her better two halves, her sisters. But what will happen if an old enemy arises back for revenge? Will Nand be able to handle it?
Chapter: 6



let’s do r4r…:innocent:
Title: In Love With A Prince :purple_heart::crown:
Gener: Romance
Author: M.Dutta
Description: You just had a break up and A Prince fell in love with you but what trouble waiting ahead of this journey…